Word Zero-day Vulnerability is now curbed

Here is good news for those who are fretting over zero-day vulnerabilities crashing their system. The flaw is now taken out from and is being trashed, thanks to the updates that Microsoft has rolled out a few days back. This critical flaw has been one of the three most critical flaws. Here are some terms for you to familiarize with before going on.

Zero-Day Vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability refers to a previous vulnerability software that is unknown to the system. It is called zero-day as the developer does not get enough time to fix this unknown bug; lesser than a day’s time. When the bug is left undealt with, it causes an opportunity for hackers and other cyber criminals to exploit the bug to attack a target system.

A Vulnerability is a bug that is found in the operating system, which can be used by an outsider to execute unsafe command onto the system. The hackers use a code execution or an Exploit to access to this private area and harness the bug for hacking purposes. A code execution is used to describe the ability of the hacker to execute any command on the target system and enter into it.

Using the Word Zero-Day software, one can creep into you word documents and infect them with a malware called Dridex. After extracting the bug, one can also install malware into other systems and devices. Two of this malware are Godzilla and Latenbot. Even when your system is well updated, there are chances that it may get infected with the bug.

How do I protect my system against the Word Zero-Day Vulnerability?

To protect your system against zero-day attacks, you can use software and tools that are available. A good suggestion for such a tool is the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit. Recently, Microsoft has launched 15 updates to fix many individual flaws in the software that includes Windows operating system, Exchange server, and Adobe Flash. It is recommended that updates of any kind have to be installed at the earliest. This is a general suggestion to dealing with other processes too.

Now that you are aware of how you can protect your system from malware attacks, it is important to be alert and be careful while installing, downloading programs and click on unknown links.

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