The Things You Probably Didn`t Notice About WiseWear At CES 2016

Wisewear socialite smart jewelry

If there is one thing that all Smart Wearables lack, it is the Emotional Connection.

You want to find a piece of jewelry truly aesthetic with the beauty of design and the comfort of feel – something that will make her feel instantly adorable.

Sadly, many of the wearables have been designed keeping machine in mind, leaving the sensuality untouched.

Say it for The Misfit Shine or Ringly- Both are designed to function either as fitness tracker or distress alarm.

They lack the STYLE element.

This #CES 2016 has shown world that Wearables can be stylish too.

Wise wear, a Fashion tech company from San Antonio, reveals its first smart line of jewelry- Socialite.

Socialite is a collection of smart jewelry that blends breakthrough technology with beauty.

“Typically a Bracelet, in true sense integration of fashion and technology”, Socialite is designed to inspire wearable tech that wears and functions well. And you will not find any pitfalls in the comfort and style department as well.

Socialite comes in three different versions: Calder, Kingston, and Duchess.

WiseWear Socialite smart jewelry The chief Fashion & Design advisor Of WiseWear briefed, “Infatuation with Italian links and interlocking is the ultimate foundation for the Calder. Duches is modern translation of insignia jewelry and the Kingston represents WiseWear symbol “W”.”

She further explained how the design is aligned with the company goal to create beautiful things with purpose.

The Fascinating part of the bracelet is BEAUTY and the BRAIN. They coined the words for the top and bottom halves that can be detached. The bracelet becomes more versatile due to the fact all the bracelets are interchangeable with one another.

wisewear socialite beauty and brain
image credit- Ubergizmo

The WiseWear team has left no stone unturned.

Till now all wearable techs have been programmed to function either as distress alarm or fitness tracker.

Socialite pumped one step ahead and integrated both the function in a single bracelet.

Personal safety and security are crucial for everyone, especially for women. Because of this fact, WiseWear took the extra concern to include safety features in socialite.

Whether going for an early morning walk or returning home late at midnight, this luxury smart jewelry empowers women to live life carefree.

Advanced Socialite safety feature allows wearer to send a distress signal by a simple tap. You can send a discreet text message to your pre-approved list of contacts along with your geolocation and audio recording of your surroundings.

This might help a woman in several danger situation like Accidents and threat of violent assault.

Over to another function, how does socialite help to track wellness of health?

It tracks your day-to- day activities like number of steps walked, the amount of calories burned, distance traveled, et cetera.

Moreover, the bracelet connects with your smartphone to get real time texts, emails, calendar reminders with WiseWear custom alert settings.

All bracelets are made of brass and plated in precious metals such as palladium. Not only are these bracelets beautiful in looks, they are also water resistant.

Please don`t mistake me here, Socialite bracelets are water resistant and not water proof. It cannot be fully submerged in water, but it can withstand hand washes, shower splashes, and sweat.

Socialite is compatible with iOS and android phones. You can download the Socialite App from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Bracelets keep tracking your activity throughout the day, however, distress alert and haptic mobile notification will not work without a mobile device within the Bluetooth range.

Socialite comes with a clip charger that charges by 110 v utility or USB device. The battery lasts on average 3 days.

WiseWear tried to keep the price as reasonable as possible ($299.95) considering we have not seen such kind of smart jewelry in the market yet.

Socialite is available for purchasing from this month. Reserve your precious here.

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