Windows 10 Ads Troubling You?

Even as Windows improves, the MS “office” tries to keep their users updated with their new little entries that are added onto the software eventually. It seems questionable that they try to “woo” their customers to try more of their products when the entire computer fraternity follow Microsoft.
But the advertisements from Windows keep flooding your system often posing as ads on the Start Menu, taskbar notifications and as full-page ads. Here are some tweaks you can use to keep such intruders away. These methods may help you disable them, if not completely terminate them.

1. Start Menu ads

Let’s start with the Start button. Since this option is where any program is kick-started by default, Windows target it so that your attention is seized right at the “start”. To disable this pop-ups, follow the following path.

Settings > Personalization > Start > Turn Off the Occasionally show suggestions in Start

There are Live tiles that are also displayed when the Start menu is clicked open. To delete them, just right-click on the tile you want to delete and select Unpin from Start. You can choose what tile you want to retain or delete.

2. Say goodbye to Cortana

The new Windows 10 personal assistant Cortana can be more of a tool of annoyance than help sometimes while you are at work. To quieten her down, you can simply right-click on the Taskbar and click on Cortana. You will find three options that you can select from according to your preferences.

Another way to prevent her from frequent interference is to disable her from popping up her suggestions. Click on Start button, select Settings and disable the Taskbar Tidbits.

3. Disable Lock screen ads

Windows Spotlight is responsible for the multiple background images that appear on the lock screen. Ads are also displayed along with the other images ad this option is enabled by default. To disable tis option follow the following steps.

Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen > Background option > Choose either Picture or Slideshow from Windows Spotlight

Also switch off the option “Fun facts, tips and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen”.

4. Bar the frequent Get Office notifications

Office 365 is usually offered to those Windows 10 users, who do not have Microsoft Office installed onto their system, only so they can subscribe it. You can disable it by following these steps.

Settings > Systems > Notifications and Actions < Switch off Get Office app To uninstall the Get office application, you can follow these steps. Start > Right-click on the app > Uninstall

5. Cancel the OneDrive app for good

OneDrive is a cloud service that gets automatically synced and requests sign in when the user is logged in. You may want to use another cloud service and uninstall OneDrive, but that is virtually impossible and it stays on the File Explorer. To do so, you would want to use the registry settings. Here is what you can do.

Windows key + R > Type in Regedit >

If you do not find a key for OneDrive, create a new key by right-clicking on the Windows folder and name it OneDrive. Add a new DWORD value as DisableFileSyncNGSC and set it to 1. Restart your system to refresh and apply it into action.

These are the manual settings that you as a home user can use to get rid of all the annoying and persistent Windows 10 ads that disturb you in your experience with Windows 10.

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