4 Inexpensive Safety Alarms for Women

During 2013-14 period, the number of registered rape offences in England and Wales was 20,748 (From the research done by Statista). In the very next year, this number became 29,265 – a whopping increase of 8,517(41%).

According to US Department of Justice National Crime Victimization survey, about 68% of the total rape or sexual offences are unreported.

Safety Alarms for Women

This is the fact; we can’t hide these results. Imagine, you are in a strange place with a strange person at wrong time.This is where personal safety alarms come into play. If you want to invest in safety alarms, but don’t want an expensive one – Go through these devices, I hope you can make a decision.

iLa Screaming Personal Safety Alarm DUSK – Model 640350

It produces an extremely ear-splitting, 130 dB, female scream once it’s chain is pulled out – enough to frighten an attacker.

Safety Alarms for Women

Now, it is available with a price tag of $27.95.

Roar’s Athena

What about a device that can wear as a necklace or get attached to any clothes? It’s name is Athena. Once after holding it’s panic button for three seconds, it produces a screaming sound of around 85db.

Safety Alarms for Women

Athena can offer more-  if you connected this device with your smartphone. In panic situations, all your pre-determined contacts will receive messages about your present situation, along with a map showing your location.

This device is water resistant and has three-month battery life. $79 is the marked price of this device.

Sabre Mini Personal Alarm

Sabre, the US company known for it’s pepper sprays also has a personal alarm for women. This can be simply activated by pulling out it’s pin.

Safety Alarms for Women

It’s alarm volume is high- around 110dB. The sound is audible up to 500 meters.

For $9.99, this item can purchase from Amazon.

Minder Personal Attack Alarm – PA001

Safety Alarms for WomenNo wonder this safety alarm got various positive reviews from its customers- 140dB siren and ergonomic design does really well. But the real credit goes to its 5-year no quibble replacement warranty.

Alarms alert people around you; To save you from the potential threat, obviously you need help.

Suppose a woman is trapped in some isolated place- facing assault from someone. She have activated her safety alarm too, but it is not going to rescue her every time. If no one is there to hear that alarm sound, she is still in danger.

Off course, Roar’s Athena is an exception in this list. You can choose this if you are ready to pay $79 for an advanced life saving tool for women.

In this IoT era, no personal safety device can do better without “being connected”.

You can always invest big for personal safety but I believe cheaper personal safety alarms also serves well.

What do you think?

Life Saving Tools for Women

How often do you hear about a random walker assaulted on the streets?

How often do you read about a single female in the city found dead in her apartment?

Too often.

The world is becoming increasingly violent day by day. Crime rates are on the rise. Suddenly it appears that it’s not safe anywhere, anymore. You become a target if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time. Even the right place can become a crime scene at the unexpected and unfortunate hour.

Stop living in fear. Being on the lookout and being aware of your surroundings at the odd hours can prevent the chance of attacks. Equipping yourself with some form of protection can make a huge difference.

Here are some tools that can become your savior in desperate times..

Pepper Spray

Pepper or Mace Spray is always associated with women safety and rightly so. This simple yet effective tool can become your instant rescuer.

pepper spray

Investing in a tiny can will save one from a lot of unpredictable trouble. Spraying it into the attacker’s eyes will momentarily blind him, giving you just enough time to make an escape to a safer zone.

Stun Guns

While being attacked, the assaulter has the upper hand or so he thinks. Well he won’t be thinking so with thousands of volts passing through his incapacitated body after you zap him with a stun gun.


Stun guns come in various forms.  You can choose one that resembles a pen, a lipstick or even a mobile phone. These look exactly like your everyday items and are easy to carry.


Originally introduced for the police force, Tasers are now available to general public. Similar to the stun gun, a Taser is an electroshock weapon. The two small dart-like electrodes fired from the gun can cause strong involuntary muscle contractions to the aggressor. And while the spasms take their time, you can flee the scene and call for help.


Personal Alarms

While being cornered, it is important to generate attention to ward off the attacker. But when you’re in a secluded area, a scream or a shout can only go so far. In the form of mini alarms and keychains, personal alarms can draw attention to any crisis.

These little tiny and lightweight items are essential for the active women on the go. Keychain personal alarms are great for walking, running, hiking, biking or traveling. There are some personal alarms that feature a hidden disarm switch which can only be deactivated by the owner.


More than just a defense weapon, they can also be used as a panic alarm or a medical alarm in times of immediate medical need.

Selfie-defense sticks

This is the age of the Selfie. Who doesn’t love taking a good selfie? And selfie sticks are indeed popular among the more enthusiastic selfie-takers. If you own one, you can use it to your advantage in times of need using it as an unlikely weapon to hit back on the attacker.


The Selfie-Defense Stick takes it a step further. Aptly described as “the first fully-legal and complete self-defense device for women” by its creator Dr. Kohli, the prototype was unveiled on International Women’s Day 2015. The Selfie-Defense Stick features a collapsible rod that combines a Samurai sword design, stun gun, pepper spray, panic button, and a pen knife. It even includes a sewing kit and mirror. Quite the magic wand a woman needs!

Door wedge

It is known that big and small hotels around the world form some of the most common crime scenes. Under the pretense of hotel employee or room service, predators gain access to hotel rooms. Or they just barge in and attack through locked or unlocked doors.

If there’s even a slight doubt concerning the authenticity of the person on the other side of the door, it’s best to trust your gut feeling and keep it shut.

In times like these, a door wedge can come in extremely handy. Small yet powerful, a wedge can secure the door tight and prevent entry. And owing to its tiny nature you can easily carry take it along with you when you travel.

door wedge

Door brace

Embrace the door brace. Safety comes first, even in our own homes.

Door braces can be installed easily under the door knob to prevent opening. This makes for an inexpensive way to secure your home, business, apartment, dorm room or hotel room from intruders.


Remember, these are only just a few of the items that you can use to protect yourself under adverse circumstances. Mobile phone apps are also another great way of arming yourself. Be safe and promote women safety.

5 Safety Apps Every Women Should Have

“I feel scared to walk alone in the city. At times absolutely terrified or nervous. May be I am paranoid, or too cautious. The city is not safe for women these days”, says 17 year old.

She lives in Chicago and every evening she walks with “911” punched in her keypad, hovering over the “send” button. And depending on how safe the surroundings are, she prepares her defense – a portable pepper spray, or call to mom.

The fear is predictable. World is not safe. And if you are a women, it gets even worse.

And the fear she was talking about is our concern too. Mom, sister or girlfriend – we do have people to worry about!

The #YesAllWomen campaign on twitter is just a reminder of how unsafe women are; abuse, rape, violence still prevalent in almost all parts of the world.

“Sharing knowledge is the best way to offer a helping hand to affected people around the world”

I intend to do exactly the same by reaching you!!

I believe, last one and half decades we have seen more innovations than ever. Technology is advancing faster and so do our ability to dream. We have been figuring out the ways to get connected. Say it all; blogging, liking, tweeting, sharing, creating and consuming content. All of these are good, but personal safety in particular has always been an afterthought.

Personal safety – An afterthought!

Seriously, you wouldn’t be much worried about personal safety otherwise.

To help yourself; Here’s a list of 5 safety apps every women should have

If you are in trouble while moving, you can have any of these personal safety apps on your phone. It can reduce risk and bring assistance when you are in need of it. Most of these apps were originally developed to help students out of sexual assault, eventually they turned out to be a real life saver for all women.

1. Circle of 6

circle of 6

Image Courtesy: Circle of 6

Available as free version on iPhone

This is a must-have app, if you are an iPhone user. Circle of 6 offers an easy to use system to alert your friends, when you are threatened by someone or in trouble. To get the full benefits of this app, you can subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan.

Benefits – unobtrusive screen allows easy operation; two taps will send a text message out of the three prefixed ones to 6 contacts of your choice, which includes a call too.

It automatically attaches an address and a map of your current location for getting help to take you home safely or request for a phone call from your phone to help you out from trouble.

Circle of 6 also contains pre-programmed national helpline numbers in addition to a local contact, which you can customize to police or 911. Circle of 6 is the winner of “Apps against Abuse” challenge conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services.

2. Hollaback!


Image Courtesy: Hollaback

Available for free on iPhone and Android

The tag line of this app is “You have the power to end street harassment”. A hit back at the perpetrators, one at a time. It allows the user to take and upload a photo of the harasser, they can submit their story to ihollaback.org.

The image of the perpetrator will be shared and posted on street harassment prevention website. This will warn others about the areas were street harassment is prevalent.

Hollaback points out “street harassment is a gateway crime that makes other forms of gender based violence”. You can submit stories at every level from groping hands on crowded buses, catcalls from strangers.

It is estimated that 80 to 90% of women are getting harassed in public. It is something which we have to seriously think about. Hollaback is also part of an international movement, their local organizations are working in major cities over 18 countries to stop harassment.

3. bSafe


Image Courtesy: bsafe

Available as free and subscribed versions on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry

“Never walk alone” is the slogan of bSafe. This personal safety app sends an emergency message to the contacts you have set with a single button.

The free version of this app also allows the person you designate to respond to your text message. You can assign a person to receive a call. The text message at the receiver’s side include a link to show your location via GPS. You can even program a fake incoming call with as many as 6 options to decide when the call have to be initiated (immediately, 5 sec, 15 sec, 1 min, 5 min, and 10 min)

The idea was developed and conceived by Silje Vallestad, a mom who wanted to keep her kids safe. She had knowledge about the industry, but figured it out and won a business plan competition. And the money, she took it to develop bSafe.

4. Guardly


Image Courtesy: Guardly

Free and Subscription Versions available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7

Guardly instantly connects with your emergency contact numbers when you are in trouble. This app is unlike most others, it initiates a phone call to contacts with details like your location and emergency type. You can assign different contacts for different kinds of emergencies – like “Walking alone” or “Met an accident”.

A profile page is also present, where you can add birth date, eye/hair color, weight, height, blood type, medical information, allergies, doctor’s name and phone number, and insurance details.

The subscription version enables the receiver to connect it as a conference call, also can text the group a link in case of emergency, so that they can locate on a map. It also include live location tracking.

5. cab4me


Image Courtesy: cab4me

Free and Subscription Versions are available on iPhone and android.

Got lost in an unfamiliar place. Get a cab, anytime, anywhere. Cab4me is a mobile cab finder. Click cab4me app on your device, GPS position on a map will show your exact position. Pick that as approximate pickup location, choose a nearby taxi stand if it shows up (Only list of companies that are willing to pick using cab4me will show up)

Switch to call tab to get a list of local cab companies. It will show up available car types and payment procedures. If no cab company is listed, a local search will be performed to get you result, so you will always get an option. Subscription version have a trip calculator, it allows to figure out the cost involved in advance.

Share your go to personal safety apps in the comments section!!