Block out political posts on facebook in just a few clicks

Surfing through Facebook is an enjoyable experience. One can endlessly scroll through new posts to read news feeds and posts that are written on your timeline. But not everything that appears on the ‘News Feed’ is pleasant. People’s tastes are different especially when it comes to politics. So, there might be those ugly attitudes and comments someone throws on political issues that you might not agree with. Then, how do you get rid of them?

Most of the established web browsers provide add-ons or plugins that can be used in blocking unwanted posts and matters preferred by the users. But these are very minimal in their performance. Here are some well-known filters that will help you tweak your settings so that you can regularly experience irk-free browsing on Facebook

Hide or Unfollow a post or profile –  If there are any posts that you dislike coming across on your Facebook account, you can simply use the Hide option to “hide” those similar posts that keep appearing on your news feed. When you “hide” a particular type of post, a notification is sent to Facebook that says that you do not want similar posts pop up in your news feed.

Unfollow a profile or friend will keep your account free of that friend’s posts and shares. This option is used when you do not want to see a particular friend’s posts. However, you are still “friends” with that person. A disadvantage is that once you unfollow your friend, you may not receive almost any of their posts.

Remove all Politics from Facebook – This is a simple Chrome add-on that by default avoids posts with the use of keywords that are picked from the user’s recent activity. This option, however, is present and the user cannot choose the settings.

Leech Block – blocks certain unwanted sites by barring your access to them. There are up to 6 domains that can be chosen for the same. The sites can be blocked for a time span accordingly so you are not disturbed often. This keeps you away from wasting your time and gives accessibility to the site only when you want.

Social Fixer –  This is a customized option that helps you manage what you want to filter. You can find this option on the Facebook toolbar. It also helps in eliminating sponsored advertisements and spoilers. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari are a few of the browsers that support this option. You can “create a new filter” and select particular posts, political party, persons or issue that you want to hide.

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook – Some filters cannot block certain memes and some tricky posters’ way of expressing their thoughts. This add-on will remove the user’s live ticker and news feeds. A feature of this add-on that you can’t find in the others is that it replaces those removed matters with interesting quotes. You can also add in your own quotes and messages.