CES 2016 Unveiled Hydrao Shower Head-It`s Much More Than a Shower

I know I am covering this article at the point of the year when everyone is noting down New Year resolutions and looking to achieve them.

Actually, this is the best time I could have talked about this than any other time. Going ahead with 2016, hope this year fulfills all your commitment and promises you made to others as well as to yourself.

Before we begin, I readily like to say that If you truly want to make 2016 your year, get rid of the notion that you need some magic resolution and be prepared for a mini- awakening.

Instead, take a pledge to give something to next generation.

Like the gift of having plenty of water reserve (It`s a gift in the true sense).

And if you don`t understand the importance, let me tell you, in next 15 years people will fight for water like we are doing now for petrol.

This UN report predicts we`ll have only 60% of the water we need in 2030.

Imagine your children dying because of water.

Do you know with a little tweak in your life you can save gallons of water?

As a technology lover both of us know the true sense of it. It`s more about giving to next generation than ourselves.

 Whenever a new tech comes that meant for next generation that interest me, so hopefully that piques your interest too.

CES 2016 unveils many tweaks

Or rather, the new technology for little change.

If you have been following CES 2016, then you would have seen the attention on simple futuristic technologies that are eco-friendly, reduces our energy bills and, more importantly, opens new ways to minimize energy consumption.

The one technology I am going to talk about is Hydrao shower head.

Developed by French firm Start & Blue, it is not just an ordinary shower head. This shower kit intends to reduce your water consumption and educates your children about daily water usage.

How many times in the past have you thought about cutting your water bills or reducing the water usage?

I know I`ve been thinking.

As you probably see as we are heading closer to 2030, those hundreds and millions of water droplets are going to count.

Could you conserve water with the efficient use of technology? Do you instantly see potential here? Do you need worry at all? Let`s find out…

Hydrao shower head: Cool Idea Isn`t it? But Why This is Important?

I know there are billions of people who walk miles for a bucket of water. And there are others who waste gallons in the shower.

In Fact:

Alliance for Water Efficiency claims showers are typically the third largest water use after toilets and washing machine in the average home.  “ The average American shower uses 17.2 gallons (65.1 liters) and lasts for 8.2 minutes at an average rate of 2.1 gallons per minute,” the group`s website states.

Now take a look at your water consumption bill.

You will be surprised to know that shower accounts for the most part of your bill.

Hydrao shower head - image To verify the states you can head over to relevant links.

Since my hunt for good technology were the inspiration for this idea, let`s first look what`s the inspiration story behind the Hydrao Shower Head.

Their website says, “Hydra is a small island  on Egean sea, where unsalted water is very rare. So everyday water delivered by boat to various hotels and facilities.”

Now you can guess the idea behind naming it Hydrao shower head.

Hate it or Not: But this shower head really helps to track water consumption

Hydrao shower head is unveiled at CES Las Vegas comes with built-in LED lights that can warn whenever you cross a certain level of water.

It lets you set three alert intervals- at 10 liters, 30 liters, and 50 liters. LED lights change color throughout the showering, starting at green for up to 10 liters, then blue after 10 liters, red after 30 liters and flashing red after 50.

I think this could have been a money saver if they would have designed it to STOP showering after a certain level (but who knows they might think about that too).

As of now it is more about educating yourself about water usage rather than efficient check on water consumption.

From company sources, they sold 1000 units of the first generation of this product. And successfully reduced water use by an average of 25%.

The new version is introduced for the first time in CES 2016, will debut on Kickstarter in September before going on sale in February or March next year for around $99.

There is more with Hydrao shower head.

You can use a smartphone to track water usage over time and can change the water consumption threshold and what color the shower head flashes.

This shower head adapts the pipe you currently use, comes with a Bluetooth-enabled chip which you can control from few meters away (I wish a WiFi enabled version of this).

Best part is the equipment doesn`t use the battery for LED lights, everything is powered by a tiny turbine that uses the flow of water. Ecofriendly.

As Final words, Please don`t underestimate the potential of these innovations.

It may be the case that you don`t realize the importance of conserving water now, But believe me, our sins are going to be paid by future generations.

Get started now so you can save, considerable amount of water for your grandchildren.

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook is now investing on shower heads.

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If you have any questions, you will find me in the comments below. Best of luck and have a fantastic year.

P.S. Don`t forget to follow CES 2016, it is going to uncover best technologies around the world. And I will be covering some of them for you in next week.