5 Biometric Authentication Techniques That May Reach You Soon

Certainly, we have witnessed the growth of biometric authentication methods over these years. Some of these methods like Face recognition, fingerprint identification, retina scan, voice scan, etc. will be familiar to you. Here, let’s find out some techniques that can make a changeover on tomorrow’s biometric authentication discussions.

1. Cognitive Biometrics

It’s an authentication technique relies on a user’s reaction when brought in touch with a familiar photo, video, etc. for example. There would be equipment like Electroencephalogram, Electrocardiogram to receive these nervous responses. The stored responses will be validated with new responses created by making the same stimulus again on that person.

2. SkullConduct

This technique was actually formulated by few German scientists to provide users a more secure access to their devices. As the name SkullConduct says, it involves the use of a human skull. A head-mounted device will emit an ultrasonic sound that passes through one’s head creating waves of unique frequency bounce around their heads – so as to create noticeable patterns that unique for each person. This technology has somehow managed to enter the mainstream of biometric by its partial implementation in Google Glass.

3. Breathprint

Recently, some swiss scientist figured out an authentication technique using a breathalyzer and assigned a name for this technique – Breathprint. “Whatever we exhale is unique to us”- This is the core idea and the reason behind the development of this technique.

4. DNA Profiling

None of us would be unaware of the current DNA profiling techniques that are more commonly known by the names DNA fingerprinting, DNA testing, etc. The most acknowledged factor of this molecular level authentication is that the chance of two people having the same DNA profile is less than one in a million. Astounding developments are supposed to occur in this field in the upcoming years.  And, DNA profiling hasn’t grown much beyond forensic applications till now. However, as per the recent studies, DNA profiling can even use to predict the appearance of a person in the near future.

5. Even a Cough Can!

What more? Even the voice coming out from our throat would be used for authentication purposes in future! All types of audible emissions from your throat like a cough, gulp, etc. whichever having a particular frequency can be analyzed and use as a valid authentication method.

As the cyber world expands to new horizons, there would be more and more personal data involved around it. The current user authentication techniques are supposed to become obsolete soon. So, the less intrusive technologies with enhanced security characteristics are bound to find their places.