2 of the Most Smartest Home Security Gadgets to Have

Give away to these two smartest home security gadgets – Deadbolt locks and Security cameras. Your home will be much safer with it.

My previous article – Keeping your home safe from burglars emphasized on fixing small things at first. And the additional aid of technology that adds more value to it. In this article, I will show you how to protect your front door in particular.

It’s true that some silly tricks might save your ass from burglars. Yes, something like “My scary dog can run faster than you” board would be enough, even if you don’t have a real dog. But there is no offense in adding technology to your #homesafety strategy, it makes more sense.

Would you mind a deadbolt lock making way for your lousy locks?

I wouldn’t.

Considering 70 percent burglars break in through doors, out of which above 30 percent use front door. Don’t you think it’s trivial to protect the exterior entries?

This thought has paved the way for smart locks to home security system. Yale Keyless Deadbolt is something which I came across that will just fit our life style. It just not enhances the security of your exterior doors, allows you to control locks remotely as well.

Yale Deadbolt stands out with its sleek design. The keyless lock is available in three varieties – polished bronze, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze, which will be perfect to match with your door style. Installing a deadbolt lock on your door is not overly futuristic rather it’s realistic, as it doesn’t intervene the modern technology. But it proves to be a home automation tool.

The touch screen is similar to that in smartphone screen, it’s responsive. Reviewers claim “touch screen is too sensitive”. And from now on, you can forget having multiple keys to your door. In fact rather than using a key to lock or unlock your door, you can have your own user code attached to the door.

Yale lock allows up to 100 user codes. But you don’t need to have them all. Do you?

But, it’s a great add on, if you have close family members or friends; you won’t mind him/her to stay at your home.

But not necessarily you have people so close, then you can have guest user code. You can delete it after their stay.

Another addition is the auto re-lock function by using a one touch button, which you can enable or disable. It’s a great addition in fact, especially when you have people who often forgets to lock the front door.

I am not done yet with the benefits!

Finally!!  Inbuilt alarm, which sounds if someone tampers the Yale lock in attempt to open the door.

Edge of Yale Keyless Deadbolt over other home security gadgets:

Home security gadgets
Image Credit: yale2you.com

When there are so many smart locks on the market, why Yale Deadbolt?

The best part of Yale Keyless Deadbolt is its compatibility with multiple home automation systems and that really sets it apart from the competition. Yale Deadbolt can seamlessly integrate with any product or home automation control system. The whole task is cut out, you can manage the home security quite easily.

Moreover the Yale deadbolt lock doesn’t use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth unlike other smart locks. You don’t need an internet connection even. This can be considered as a blessing or a curse. The downside is you cannot use smartphone to control your deadbolt because Yale don’t have an app to do that.

What you can do is, add the Yale deadbolt to your home automation network or get a compatible device that allows to control it. This is definitely a flipside of not using an internet connection, it’s a burden but once you set up everything, you can track everything using a centralized controller.

Yale deadbolt is priced more on the expensive side when you compare smart locks available on the market. If you want to go lower on budget, you can consider having a look at Sclage’s smart lock or the Touch Camelot Lock, which is far cheaper.

Yale Keyless Deadbolt is definitely a great security measure for your front door. In these days, every security system providers include smart locks into their home automation kit. These locks are synched to your home security system, which you can easily control using smartphone or laptop using the apps specifically made for it.




Catch if someone enter your premises!

Lock with remote control and alarm functionality looks all fine, but it doesn’t tell you if someone enters your premises. Investing on home surveillance camera would deter if someone actually approaches your front door.

Installing outdoor home security cameras offers lot of benefits. You can have wired or wireless outdoor cameras.

Check out this video to know, how home security cameras work?

My pick is wireless outdoor camera!

You know why?

They are getting popular on each passing day.

Really!! But that’s not a reason.

It’s simple, they are very easy to install unlike the wired ones. And also burglars don’t have the option to cut wires anymore. May be they can try their luck by targeting camera.

Frontpoint® wireless outdoor cameras is one of the popular home security gadgets. It is priced around 400$, you can have a 30 day risk free trial and it also covers three year warranty. But camera is designed to work with Frontpoint home security system. To get the benefits you will have to subscribe to Frontpoint’s ultimate monitoring plan which costs around 44.99$ per month.

Home Security Gadgets
Image Credit: frontpointsecurity.com

How it works?

The camera works along with the company’s mobile application. Users can access it via smartphone, tablet or phone to get access to the video footage. The highlight factor is, camera starts the recording process the moment any motion is detected. The system then alert the owner by sending a text message or email. Users can watch it from anywhere using any mobile device. This is not something which comes along with all security cameras. I hope you can figure out why it is so popular now.

You may find alternate choices to protect your front door from intruders. Make use of these home security gadgets to the most for ensuring your home safety. Don’t wait for more, you never know who’s watching you.

I would certainly like to hear from you, share your home security gadgets in the comments.