What This FBI Research Reveals About Burglars And Your Guide To Stay Safe

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“There is nothing important than a good, safe, secure home.”

But safe and secure home is just a mirage.

Truth is:

America is one of the leading countries in the home invasion and burglary reports.


According to FBI`s Uniform Crime Reporting program (UCR) four burglary happens every minute in the nation. That means in every 15 sec burglars invade one home.

I have covered 4 important insights from the UCR program.


Burglary report infographic- stay safe from burglars


Here`s what you can do to stay safe from burglars

1. Welcome “Homesickness”: stay at home or tell someone to stay in your absence

A household member present in the home is less likely to burglarize than no member present in the home according to FBI data.

burglary vs household member presence- stay safe from burglars


And the same study shows that out of 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year a household member was present in roughly 1 million burglaries.


burglary pyramid- stay safe from burglars


The next time you are out of your home, do a little trick that will make the burglar think you`re in home when you are not.

The old way to trick people is installing timed lights or an alarm system.

Is it enough?

Crime data shows that typical burglary happens not on the night, but in broad daylight. You have to get smart about your house sitter. Or you can operate shades when you are not at home.

House sitter are old news now. Try to be smart and build a smart home.

Bottom line? You` re less likely to get robbed when someone is home or, at least, it should seem so.


2. Find a partner to dwell with

UCR analysis shows married couples without children experienced lowest rate of home invasion incidents.


burglary single/ married- stay safe from burglars


A person living with a partner are less likely to burglarize than single people.

It makes a big difference.

Question is: why?

Psychology is two or more people are more likely to protest during burglary than house composed of single people.

This is true even for male living alone.

In fact:

Single men living with children has experienced the highest rate of burglary than single female living with children (when no one was at home).

However, a household with only single men or single female is equally likely to burglarize while residence is occupied.

But the real risk is for single women living with children when they are at home.

…… which made them more vulnerable.


3. Earn more or pretend to be Rich

If you are not rich then you can be next target of the burglar.

Not kidding:

Besides whatever we think, during last decade people with lower income rate has experienced the highest rate of burglary than higher income rate.


poor-and-a-rich-man- stay safe from burglars


The risk is even worse if you can`t afford your own house.

The research says rental household properties experienced a higher rate of burglary compare to household occupied by residence. It doesn`t affect the rate when someone is at home or NOT.

Thanks to wiki how, now you can pretend to be rich even if you are not.

Just sell your old stuff and buy classy items, be seen spending a little more et cetera.


4. Ditch that Mobile home: Buy an Apartment

A recent study found household members living in the mobile home were more likely to victimize than members living in any other form of houses.

With exception members living in hotels, motels, and rooming houses were equally likely to victimize as those staying in a mobile home.

We all know staying in this


mobile-home- stay safe from burglars






But people residing in houses or apartments are less likely to burglarize. Even if no one is present in the house (compare to mobile home, motels, hotels, and rooming houses).


5. Build a door like “Troy” had

Remember the movie Troy.

How the United Greek forces were unable to break in through their GIANT doors.

No, I am not saying to have one. But make a door firm enough that can sustain burglars` assault.

Because most of the burglars enter through doors by removing, damaging it.


firm door- stay safe from burglars


Removing or damaging a window screen is equally possible during a burglary.

Burglars are more likely to invade into a home by tampering with door handles or locks when no one is in the home (around 30%).

How to secure your door?

The Prepper journal has published some highly practical tips on securing your door.


6. Alarms, Camera: key to avoiding burglary

A research by AlREF (Alarm industry research and education foundation) found that burglars are avoid targeting a home equipped with security alarms and spy cameras.

Out of 422 convicts of burglary, 83% confess that they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary. 60% said they would consider the camera or other surveillance equipment before selecting a target.


The burglar nightmare- stay safe from burglars


Installing a camera or alarm system may sound old school.

The fact is these surveillance systems contributes the most on checking burglary.

But you have more advance option available today.

With companies like Protect America providing distinctive product for securing your home…

You should not have to watch your home like a nightguard.


Here`s What To Do Next ( Your ” Turn”)

It`s important for me you don`t skim this post and then pop over to Facebook.

I want you to actually adopt this information in your lifestyle.

So from today onwards look to implement these tips and tweak your lifestyle and, more importantly, watch your neighbors too.

Do you know 65% offenders of burglary are known to the victim? And these cases took a violent diverge 30% of the time.

stay safe, keep your eyes and ear open and do share this article ( don`t you think it might help someone?).

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