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cyber bullying

 I have grown as a disturbed child.

In my 8th grade I stopped being social, was not talking to my friends, dropped out from school and my world ended inside the concrete walls.

My Grandma was pretty much worried. I was raised by her, but never was comfortable talking to her. One day she took me to school and she sat with me till dawn.

That was the end of my deprive life. I never felt horrible again before them.

You should not be surprised how I survived through that mental trauma, self-depriving, humiliating years. My grandma became courage for me. Seeing an old lady who strolls doing so much for me so that I can go school gave that courage.

That doesn`t mean they stopped. Only the frequency was less this time, which faded away over the years.

That was the year of the eighties. What we call bullying today was a child`s play that time. But the ugly face of bullying was yet to come.

Now bullying has come out of class, streets and open for all on computer screens. This is worse than ever. Now bullies get a global audience. And psychopaths really enjoy the other`s agony, depression and they love to laugh at other`s embarrassing situations.

I don`t know whether the Internet has made our life easier or it has become a weapon to bullies. We have seen shaming others by Facebook posts, tweets, and embarrassing YouTube videos. Sexting, posting nude photos are common cases that we see every day.  Who are victims? Our kids.

And who is Offenders. Maybe our kids only or Adults.

Not taking the right steps is adult’s mistake. Not educating the child about cyberbullying and how to behave online that’s where we are lacking.

I am not denying the fact that we have made outstanding efforts against Cyber Bullying (Its`s just a start we need to do more).

Los Angeles-based non-profit dance company MusEffect achieved the milestone in spreading awareness against Cyber Bullying.

Their Public Service Announcement -953K  Inspiring Action Against Cyberbullying generated over 1.2 million views and inspirational stories of healing and resolution from audiences across the globe.

Isn`t it inspiring?

At the beginning, I told my story. I have been thinking all these years what I can do to stop this unkind act.

Spreading awareness with the help of tech.

Technology and Social Media misunderstood as the culprit of Cyber Bullying. But few know that tech can be the greatest weapon against what bullies see as funny. There are millions of stories around the world.

Tech is against Cyberbullying.

If not consider about these:

ReThink  an anti-Cyberbullying software.

What you can do after bullied- Blocking the bully or reporting the abuse to adults or school authorities/law enforcement. But when already damage is done, only suffering begins. And we can`t deny that only one out of ten cyberbullied kids take a stand against it.  Rest suffers silently.

Rethink founder Trisha Prabhu says, “Not much can be done after bullying”. ReThink is a software that stops cyberbullying before damage is done. It helps to train teens making better decisions on Social Media. ReThink alerts teens whenever they think of posting something that they should not. They are forced to rethink and review before posting that message.

Did I say she is only fifteen a teen herself? A fine example of Teens against cyberbullying.

Rethink before cyberbullying someone
Rethink Founder- Trisha Prabhu

Cyber bullying can be anything. Posting vulgar messages about someone, threatening someone, sexting, posting nude or semi-nude photos… Often the person we choose to trust turns out a Bully. research center conducted a research. And asked hundreds of groups of students how many of them know any of their friend`s social account passwords. Surprisingly, most of them said “Yes”.

Passwords are for keeping secret (hope at least we adults do). But adolescence is like a car without brakes. They do without thinking much. They put themselves at risk of cyberbullying, identity theft or other dangers of sharing and exposing passwords to their friends.

Some people might not do it. But some of us prefer to keep it on sticky notes, spreadsheets after all it is hard to remember all of them. The point is, it might reveal to someone who can take advantage.

Do you know Tech can help you with that? One effective solution is Password Management Software. I have listed a few of them below.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of them. I genuinely want to help you. Please verify by yourself before purchasing.

On my last savior list is having a custom reporting systems in schools.

Schools are the key against cyberbullying. School administrations should be aware of commercial services which allow for anonymous reporting of bullying on the school website or school linked forums. This is pretty much helpful for students who feel ashamed reporting to school administration in person.

But many school administrations are reluctant to adopt it as this commercial services are expensive.

Anyway, there is an alternative for that. They can provide a similar kind of facility through Google Voice for free.

School administration can set up one Google Voice account created through a phone number which will be shared through students as a report line. The system distributes the student’s voicemails and texts to school authorities. School personnel have to download the Google Voice App to their Smartphone. Once the App is set to go the concerned person can respond to victims complaints. I am not saying victim’s identity will be entirely secretive as their phone number will be exposed. School Administration should adopt entirely professional approach regarding this.

Cyberbullying is a sensitive issue. Victims often shy away. But we need to understand their psychology. Do not blame emerging technologies and social media. We have to find out the solution within the resources we have. You can`t stop innovations, but you can stop Bullying.

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