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Smart Home is the most important innovation of the last decade. Actually, It`s a culmination of several different discoveries: you need to integrate appliances, automation, monitoring and surveillance systems, and devices that are capable of communicating with each other in order to make a home smart.

If you`re looking for more comfort, security and convenience in your home (And Who isn`t) then basically it`s the smart home you are looking for.

Smart Homes Today: How the Innovation Has Evolved

There was a time when smart homes were mere a techie dreams. Only films and books have depicted the kind of homes that are interactive and run by themselves. Writers used to imagine homes having hoverboards, humans interacting with fridges, controlling room temperature and lights from phones and cooking meals with a voice command.

But a new era has already arrived. We may not have hoverboards yet, but we can text our fridges, schedule our lights to turn off or on, open our door from phones.

Make no false assumption: Home automation technology has achieved the significant breakthrough, but they`re are not as fancy as we have seen in science fiction movies. But who knows you can have those automated homes that run even after you die.


Today`s smart home is about living greener and security. Smart homes are more focused on reducing energy expenditure and sustainability. They also help to alert home invasion.

Present smart home technology facilitates remote smartphone control, automated lights, thermostat adjustments, scheduling appliances, mobile/ email/ text notification and remote video surveillance.

A way to go: The future

Yes, we have devices that can be remotely controlled by humans. Companies like Nest and Samsung are dedicating their efforts to make device communicate each other. We can expect interactive homes that have their own opinion or adjusting themselves based on owner’s preferences.

The Ultimate List of the

Home Automation Innovations and Products to Adopt

From Thermostat to Bluetooth Enabled Flower Pot this Guide has you Covered

1. World`s Coolest Thermostat

Designed by Tony Fadell`s (former employee of Apple who has seen 18 generations of Apple iPod) company Nest- a wall bound device capable of managing the climate of your home.

It does what thermostats have been doing for years, then what so cool about that.

Nest has something more.

Apart from being slightly expensive, this thermostat is insanely cool. Nest is larger, the body is covered in brushed chrome and mount a large, round, colorful LCD screen.

Bonus is Nest also learns. This thermostat learns your temperature preferences and then create a climate schedule for you. You can set your own schedule, can track details about previous day or even your weekly temperature schedule. There are also screens that demonstrate your energy savings.

2. SmartThings: Adding innovation to everyday things

SmartThings connects the physical world to the internet. Idea is to control, monitor, and automate the physical things from a mobile based App.

This can make your life a lot easier, convenient and fun.

You can control your air conditioner, lights, fans, heaters, and disco balls from your mobile devices.

Currently, the SmartThings offers

a. Smart doors– With SmartThings your door can sense when you`re coming or leaving, can secure your home automatically when you leave home or can open it back when you return.

b. Weather Watcher– This SmartApp allows to take any action remotely when a rain is headed your way. Delay sprinkles, know your Windows are closed, and your grill are covered etc.

c. Make it Look Like– discourage burglars by turning ON and Off your TV and lights in a human pattern even if you` re away from home.

Possibilities are endless.

” SmartApps are able to mash up and interact with connected things in our physical world, as well as online and other services,” says SmartThings makers.

You can monitor your drawers and cabinets that contain precious and dangerous items, get notified when your pet runs out of your yard and many more. I will be interesting to watch what SmartThings and IOT have to offer in coming years.

smartThings- smart home innovation

3. WEMO: Family of simple and customizable product

Launched by Belkin, WEMO Home Automation is a line of simple and customizable products that allow you to control home electronics from anywhere.  The easy- to- use products uses mobile internet to control your home electronics, power, water, and Wi-Fi right from your smartphone or tablet.

WeMo also works with IFTTT that connects your home electronics to online apps. WeMO home automation products that are worth to watch:

a. WeMO Insight switch– This switch allows to monitor the energy consumption of your electronics. You can also turn ON or off your electronics products and monitor their behavior. All you`ll need is an internet connection.

b. WeMO Light Switch– This Wi-Fi enabled switch lets you turn room lights on and off from your smartphone.

Belkin shares also their other products WeMO LED Starter Kit, Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo etc.

Belkin quoted WeMo is a new generation smart line of products that evolves to become an integral part of your life.

wemo- smart home innovation

4. LG HOMECHAT Appliances:

One of the most intriguing new innovation by LG which allow users to chat with their appliances like they were real people. You can issue commands and receive status updates from the Smart appliances by texting them.

According to the company, you`ll literally be able to ask washer “What`re you doing?” or your fridge “Do we have beer?” and they will respond just as a person would.

Company is committed to rolling it out to most of its major home appliances – refrigerators, robotic vacuum cleaners, ovens, washers, dryers, etc. – in the next year.

LG homechat- smart home innovations

5. Keen Smart Vent:

If thermostats can be coolest then why not vents. Following on the footprints of Nest, Keen introduced Smart Vent early this year.

You can`t call it just another vent. Beautifully designed to increase comfort and reduce energy costs by regulating your home`s temperature room by room. Keens Smart Vent lets you control how much air should reach to room of the house to balance energy usage and comfort.

Keen Smartphone app lets you control the vent at your fingertips. It offers manual mode as well as auto mode to a specific temperature. Company suggest to integrate it with smart thermostat for more convenience.

smart vent- smart home innovation

6. Smarter Coffee

For coffee lovers who likes to have it every morning but cannot sacrifice that extra 5 minutes. Smarter coffee lets you brew that perfect cup of coffee from your smartphone or tablet. Supported in iOS and Android smart coffee app controls grinding also sends notification when it needs more water or running low on coffee beans

Even you can schedule it according to your preferences. Want coffee a couple of hours later, on a Sunday morning? No worry.

Smarter coffee machine can serve a single cup to 12 cups at once.

The 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Smarter Coffee machine is compatible with IFTTT, Apple HomeKit and all major connected devices.

Smart coffee- smart home innovation

7. The Smart Flower pot

The Parrot Pot is part of parrot second generations of plant sensor. It helps you to automate the irrigation of plant. The parrot pot`s smart irrigation system waters your plant precisely when it needs it.

With efficient irrigation schedule, the pot ensures healthy growth and also maximize water conservation.

A built in 2.2L reservoir provides up to 1 month of automatic irrigation while you`re away from home.
The Parrot pot also provides user targeted, plant specific advice about how to best care for their plants.

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