Save Hundreds of Dollars; DIY Smart Home with littleBits

littlebits smart home kit

You buy something today; tomorrow you never know! 

Technology gets outdated so thick and fast; It’s natural for people to sell the old ones for some cheap price when something new pops up. I was doing exactly the same. How much dollars I spent for a product doesn’t really come into picture, when a new technology hits the market. I do regret for the big purchases I made. It was loss by all the way.

And as a person who couldn’t resist for the new technology that’s out, I need some sort of balancing or else considering the income, I could easily become bankrupt. So I decided to prioritize the things which I really need.

Not just me, everyone wishes to hook up their devices to internet. The whole idea behind it is, smarter home. And you know how costly this whole home gadget movement could be, spending thousands of dollars on new air conditioners, refrigerators just to hook up to internet.

Of course you can go for it. But as I said, there are people who needs to balance things to move on with their life.

I was fortunate to learn the story of littleBits, who found answers for our worries.

Here’s the story!!

LittleBits helps to make old appliances work smarter just like our imaginations.

The New York-based company have worked out a Smart Home Kit, consisting of hardware components that you can snap together by using magnets. It’s really crazy I should say, it helps to control curtains to open at sunrise, control an old air conditioner remotely. Altogether, you can easily snap anything to internet using Smart Home Kit.

From robots to internet connected surfboards, they have more stuff on store. You don’t need to go after different smart products anymore, what you can do is reinvent the things which you already have. And hopefully, there is no need to sell old products for cheaper price anymore.

The kit includes 14 modules from temperature sensor, MP3 player to the cloudBit, infrared transmitter to wirelessly trigger AC switch or appliances like lamp. But I would say the highlight in the kit is littleBits Wifi bit that just hooks your device to the cloud. You can go to the littleBits website to purchase any of the components, you can get smart home kit for just 249$.

The whole story of littleBits is inspiring;

I quote the words of littleBits CEO Ayah Bdeir to Forbes here; “We wouldn’t be sitting here and just consuming whatever big companies make for us; there’s no reason to throw out your toaster or coffee maker”


I was surprised to see some of their smart home project ideas with the kit. Here is a list of the projects;

Bark Tracker: Setting up a text notification when your dog barks 50 times in an hour; it’s a kind of sound trigger, which lets you know something might be wrong.

Door monitor: Perfect for people who always forget to close the garage door.

Laundry Done Alert: Sends a text notification to your phone when your laundry washer and dryer completes their full cycle.

Smart home kit is littleBits third venture. Earlier in partnership with instrument maker Korg, a modular synthesizer kit was built by littleBits. They have also partnered with NASA for building a space kit called little Mars rover or mini satellite.

CEO Ayah Bdeir introducing littleBits in TED Talks

Bdeir’s actual words in an interview “We were very inspired by software community. Software started out where only expert’s at large companies could write it. Now anyone with a laptop can write software. In hardware, that hasn’t been the case.”

Started in 2011, they have created a setting to unleash our inner inventors. They have managed to sell millions of electronic components across the world. Now, they are attracting kids above the age of 8; littleBits could certainly turn out to be the the tool box for their first invention.

Will be writing on how littleBits attracts kids after my first invention.

Share if you have already created something using littleBits in the comments section.

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