How to sign out of Gmail safely?

One of the nightmares of the online world is to leave your account susceptible to cybercrime. Sometimes, in a hurry or absent-mindedly, you may leave your Gmail account without logging out. It could be because of either sharing your system with another user, in a cyber café or just plain forgetfulness. Whatever it is, your privacy is at stake and sometimes it might be too late to secure it.

Keeping in mind the hassles the user might get into, Gmail provides a tiny option located at the corner of your mailbox to log out and save you from potential danger. Using this feature, you can close down all your active sessions in a single click. Here is how you can enable it:


  • Login to the desired Gmail account from any web browser
  • At the bottom of your inbox, you will find a section called the Last Account Activity with the option Details
  • Click on Details which will open a new window
  • In the window, you will find a list of all the recent activities displayed with a button to close all sessions
  • Select it and your recent activity will terminate


Once you have the list of the recent sessions, you can read through to find any specific session or app you want to close. This way, you are logged out in a single click. The first column that says Access Type will display all the details of the recent sessions that include device, application and the mail server through which you accessed into Gmail. If a particular session is not in the list, chances are that your account has been visited by a stranger. It is recommended that you change your password immediately to prevent further intrusions.

If you Authorized Applications in the list, click on Show Details, followed by Manage Account Access. A complete list of all the applications that you have provided access to Gmail for will be displayed. Details regarding the date of access and the which app will also be provided. A button to invalidate the authorization, present on the page can be used.

This option is exclusive to Gmail accounts. If there are any further security issues, a third-party software’s interruption may be required. But this method can guarantee safety of your personal details if used before it is too late.

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