How to Setup Two Step Verification In WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has introduced new and more fortified security feature to its users. With this new security feature, your account is secure more than ever. This is very helpful for securing the users information and integrity of accounts.

The previous verification process required a phone number to receive OTP. And using this OTP you can setup your account in the new device. But it seems there were loopholes in the verification system of WhatsApp. This was noticed after a few incidences with applications like yahoo and telegram. New verification system is more fortified than preciously.

With the OTP only system of Account Setup, a hijacking can be carried on easily. Even a person with little knowledge of hacking can hijack your account. This loophole is in the account setup procedure itself. Any hacker can redirect your SMS to his system or if your phone gets stolen, your sim card can be used for the purpose. As the hacker gets OTP, your account is theirs. This is a huge threat to all the users, but not anymore.

Introducing Two Step Verification In WhatsApp

In order to face this grave situation that makes the user information most vulnerable, WhatsApp introduced this two-step verification for setting up of your account. This asks for your email id to send a verification link. This changes the way you enter into your account, now you know if someone wants to use your account without permission.

How to Enable Two Step Verification

1 – Launch WhatApp

2 – Go to Settings > Account

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3 – Tap Two-Step Verification

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4 – Tap Enable > Enter 6-digit code and re-enter to confirm it

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5 – Enter Email ID and confirm it on the next screen

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6 – Tap on Done

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This will make your account secure with the new two-step verification feature. Now you can get a notification on your mail whenever someone tries to alter with your account.

The email id is an optional for the two-step verification process. It is recommended that you enter your email id so that you can recover your password in case you forget. WhatsApp also recommends the same, stating that you would need your email id to recover your password.

So next time when you want to add a new phone number to your WhatsApp account or want to setup in a new device, you will need your 6-digit passcode. WhatsApp requests users to use a valid email id and it does not perform email verification. So if you want your passcode to be sent to your email id, you will be able to get it.

This is one of the best security features for its users as they don’t have to perform extensive settings. This is also useful as there is an additional email id involved in securing your account.

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