Super Familiar Ways of Deterring Burglars But…?

secure your home from burglars

Majority of burglars enter through the front door, it’s a fact. But what we do about it. Getting good deadbolt locks on our doors? Do you think, it will resist if they decide to break in. I am not sure whether it will secure your home from burglars; but I totally agree that there is some sort of satisfaction and relief when we got that deadbolt locks on all our doors, strong latches on windows and also a terrifying barky dog.

So, here’s the question; Are we safe with deadbolt locks on doors, windows with strong latches and of course the dog? If you have “Yes” as an answer, extra credit goes to your dog, I would say. As you believe home is secured enough.

Here’s another fact; most burglars enter homes by walking through unlocked doors and windows or by kicking locked ones until it gets opened. So the point is – just by following the basic measures, you can improve home security.

Considering the financial, physical and psychological damage caused by such a crime, it adds to the sense of taking actions to ensure more security.

The basic practices of home safety are overruled by technology these days. For millions of people around the world, they would rather give high preference to an alarm system and security cameras in their home security strategy than any of the simplest measures. And we have to give it to technology, as there is much evidence that deploying such systems make a huge difference in deterring burglaries. Smarter homes – the perfect slogan to secure your home from burglars these days.

Do we need an alarm system in place?

There is no denying, alarm system is a powerful weapon against burglary. Not just that, it can help to prevent fire damage, some systems also alert power outages, water leaks and other issues.

An effective burglar alarm system depends on various factors like the design of alarm system, installation quality, how you have secured the perimeter of house, how often do you activate it.

But the first priority of owners should be about improving the physical barriers. Alarms and other security systems can act as add-on protection system against intrusion.

There is another aspect as well when you live with an alarm system, many homeowners don’t use it regularly for the same reason. You know why? False alarms, it’s not just inconvenient for people, it also drives fear along with that. As per various estimates, it is believed that about 80 to 90 percent of alarm alerts are false.

Anyhow these differences are not taking away the credits of alarm system. It’s still intact and highly preferred by people. A basic alarm protection system covers all exterior doors and windows that can be targeted by intruders. The system activates a siren or notifies the central monitoring station.

Earlier the whole idea of smarter home was kind of a luxury, now it is more like a necessity. Technology has brought down the cost involved in home security systems and surveillance cameras as well. Now there are many low-cost tech solutions that cost very little, you can install it to safeguard your home from intruders.

“Most burglars are just opportunist” says owner of; Martin Holloway, security expert in Louisiana. So having a rudimentary system that makes some noise can scare away a burglar from entering the house.

Basic measures that helps to secure your home from burglars:

Home security strategies are not always that costly, in fact some of the effective ones doesn’t cost you a penny or may be very little.

Insurance: You can consider having an additional replacement coverage to your personal property through insurance schemes. So, in case if burglars clean out everything, this coverage can save you big time. If you are using standard policies for expensive items in your home then you can better move on to additional policies to get everything covered.

Get ID’s to your items: Experts recommend to take part in Operation Identification, this engraves an ID number to your valuable items. It helps to identify your stuff.

Don’t make it easy to spot your valuable items: Keep in mind, you have to open your front door to strangers as well like pizza delivery guy, canvassers, salesman, etc. It’s important to place things of ostensible value out of sight of anyone who is at front door and the same way strangers from street who is looking through your front windows.

Build relationship with neighbors: It’s important to know your neighbors. If you are planning for a vacation, you can inform them, they can look out for suspicious activities. It’s one of the most effective ways to protect your home.

Keep appearances when everyone is out: Burglars strikes mostly when no one is home, always make sure your house appears occupied in front of strangers. You can leave lights or TV on. Or else get a fake TV to fool thieves. If you are going for a vacation, take help from neighbors to prevent mails or packages piling up on your lawn.

Always check on your landscaping: Intruders target bushes and trees to invade the unseen on your home. If you have doors and windows hidden by bushes, have a check on it.

Light up: Light connected to a motion detector can secure your home from burglars, as they flee when outdoor lights are activated.

Don’t misplace keys: Handing over keys to a stranger is the last thing you want to do, it may not cost you every time. But you don’t want to take a chance, do you?

Getting a dog: Burglars don’t like fury family members, they know a noisy person outside will harm their business.

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Avoid vulnerabilities: Intruders target vulnerable spot on your home to break in, may be a poorly secured door or windows. Never leave a chance, prevent the possibility of penetration by securing all spots. Not always they target vulnerable spots, unlocked doors or windows many have the skill to open locked doors and windows silently. They just break a pane of glass to reach in and unlock door or windows.

Get rid of lousy locks: Knob locks is old practice and inadequate to have. Make sure doors are installed with deadbolt locks, especially your exterior doors.

Check the locks of sliding glass doors: Locks installed on sliding glass doors can become dangerous at times. Many doors can easily be lifted from the tracks. Don’t mind paying a good lock smith to ensure the doors are safe enough.

Install solid doors and windows: To improve security, it’s important to replace your weak doors and windows. Solid wood door is a better choice than hollow doors, installing a metal door is also fine. Securing windows depends on its type, to increase protection you can consider having unbreakable steel bars across windows.

Hiding valuables: Ensure expensive jewelry and other valuables are stacked in the most unlikely places – may be along with the books or paper files.

Little measures can help you to reduce the chance of burglary in your home. If you could incorporate technology to your #HomeSafety strategy it would be great too.

Make sure you have combined these little measures with technology to secure your home from burglars and stay safe!

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