4 Inexpensive Safety Alarms for Women

Safety Alarms for Women

During 2013-14 period, the number of registered rape offences in England and Wales was 20,748 (From the research done by Statista). In the very next year, this number became 29,265 – a whopping increase of 8,517(41%).

According to US Department of Justice National Crime Victimization survey, about 68% of the total rape or sexual offences are unreported.

Safety Alarms for Women

This is the fact; we can’t hide these results. Imagine, you are in a strange place with a strange person at wrong time.This is where personal safety alarms come into play. If you want to invest in safety alarms, but don’t want an expensive one – Go through these devices, I hope you can make a decision.

iLa Screaming Personal Safety Alarm DUSK – Model 640350

It produces an extremely ear-splitting, 130 dB, female scream once it’s chain is pulled out – enough to frighten an attacker.

Safety Alarms for Women

Now, it is available with a price tag of $27.95.

Roar’s Athena

What about a device that can wear as a necklace or get attached to any clothes? It’s name is Athena. Once after holding it’s panic button for three seconds, it produces a screaming sound of around 85db.

Safety Alarms for Women

Athena can offer more-  if you connected this device with your smartphone. In panic situations, all your pre-determined contacts will receive messages about your present situation, along with a map showing your location.

This device is water resistant and has three-month battery life. $79 is the marked price of this device.

Sabre Mini Personal Alarm

Sabre, the US company known for it’s pepper sprays also has a personal alarm for women. This can be simply activated by pulling out it’s pin.

Safety Alarms for Women

It’s alarm volume is high- around 110dB. The sound is audible up to 500 meters.

For $9.99, this item can purchase from Amazon.

Minder Personal Attack Alarm – PA001

Safety Alarms for WomenNo wonder this safety alarm got various positive reviews from its customers- 140dB siren and ergonomic design does really well. But the real credit goes to its 5-year no quibble replacement warranty.

Alarms alert people around you; To save you from the potential threat, obviously you need help.

Suppose a woman is trapped in some isolated place- facing assault from someone. She have activated her safety alarm too, but it is not going to rescue her every time. If no one is there to hear that alarm sound, she is still in danger.

Off course, Roar’s Athena is an exception in this list. You can choose this if you are ready to pay $79 for an advanced life saving tool for women.

In this IoT era, no personal safety device can do better without “being connected”.

You can always invest big for personal safety but I believe cheaper personal safety alarms also serves well.

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