Pros and Cons of Virtual Parenting

virtual parenting

Virtual visitation – Last few years, this was the term used to indicate visual interactions between parents and kids separated by a distance. Webcams, video chats were all the part of these virtual interactions. What about a quick analysis on the merits and demerits of these “virtual parenting” techniques?

One thing is certain – these virtual time can never replace the need for direct interactions with a kid who hasn’t completed preschool. Contradicting voices may raise on this. But, I’d recommend only this -“something is better than nothing”.

Virtual Visitation is the total sum of communication tools to facilitate parent-child relationships. Distance has never been a communication barrier here.

Advantages of Virtual Parenting

Kids have to get proper guidance from their parents at the right time – on various issues they may face. But, there can some situations where kids get separated from their parents for a fairly long period of time. Virtual parenting tools can diminish the extent of this separation.

In 2004, a legislation passed on US state of Utah for authorizing the judges for a “virtual visitation”. Generally known as Saige’s Law, this recommends to

parents are required to ‘permit and encourage’ telephone and Internet communication when the technology is ‘reasonably available’.   

It was a wise move. At then, there were more than 35 million children in the US alone who were separated from their parents.

Well, this legislation influenced law authorities of various US states. Many of them followed Utah’s path to pass bills on the favor of this issue.

Many kinds of research reveal kids feel closer to parents while using technology. In social media platforms like Facebook, most of the kids accept their parent’s friend requests without hesitation.

One of the research reveals this factor also – if online interactions made between parents and kids are positive, it’d affect their offline relationships in a constructive way.

Disadvantages of Virtual Parenting

Parents would be interested to know their kids’ online friends circle. But if they are using any kind of over-intrusive approach know such things, it may create a negative impact on kids. Actually, kids should feel their parents’ engagement in virtual parenting, not there monitoring. I’m saying this on the fact that there are parents who are punishing their kids by seeing the content they publish online.

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