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This post is about why parents should not hesitate to set parental control on kids and how to do that (that is more important because parents find themselves not so technically sound).

No doubt Child safety should be utmost priority for parents. Even if they have to be harsh sometimes.

We let our kids enjoy the freedom, let them climbing a tree, riding a bike, crossing the street and we progressively allow them surf web.

But sometimes web can be worse than the risks surrounds on other activities.

Here is why!

We have nasty websites out there.

You will never know with whom your child is communicating, what they are sharing (obviously you don`t want intruders to know that you are out for trip and house is empty).

In this online world communicating is not that easy then face to face. And your child can be a victim of too. Or at least alcoholic of Social media which will impact all round growth.

According to a research out of every 20 teens of generation X 16 are indulged in sexting and sharing their private photos online.

“They are going to be in their 20s, but their past isn`t going to spare them for adolescence.”

So what as a parent you should do?

Shall I spy on my child? Shall I ask for their passwords!

Muddling between thoughts.

What do you hear from every doctor you visit?

Prevention is better than cure.

This rule also holds well when it comes to protecting your child. You should not be reluctant in setting up some restriction. Monitoring their online presence. Talk with your children and tell them what to post and what not. Draw some boundaries.

Parenting is a tough job. And every parent needs help. There is software to keep an eye on teens. You can set up parental control over online watch, can limit how much time they spend online.

First let me tell you how you can set up parental control on computers.

Mac Machine:

You can restrict your kids from watching porn and can monitor their online activity.

 Go to Apple Menu

Choose system preferences and click on Accounts

Select your child Account

Hover to parental controls

You will be presented a series of preferences that you can block or monitor

Set your preferences

Windows Computer:

For Windows computer, parental controls can be accessed through the Control Panel. Look for User Accounts and Family Safety Control Panel. With Windows Vista, you’ll be given choices about web restrictions and also have the option of receiving reports on your child’s use of the computer. You can designate certain hours off-limits and block objectionable video games and programs.

These trick are not full proof because your kids are smarter than you. They will always found a way to change the settings or hack on your account. But you can always beat them by spending a little money on parental control software.

Parental control Software

“Desperate times desperate measures”

And parents are really desperate for keeping away their babies from bad habits. The built-in parental controls are insufficient as they can be easily hacked (no doubt gadget prince are smarter than us).

I asked my parents buddies what they are doing to keep an eye on teens. Got some interesting results on their practices and which software they are using for monitoring.

Not a surprise still most prefer freeware.

Here is a list of best parental control software. I am sure there are many out there and I will love to add them here. So ping me your best one in comments.

                      1. Free wares                                                   2. Paid wares


Free wares

K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection is a comprehensive web control and web filtering package. It allows to block sites according to their category pornography, drugs, hacking, gambling, hate sites and more. You can choose to block custom list of sites instantly or just choose the Monitor option, which allows to review the sites.

There are plenty of other option also- you can decide exactly at what time child can go online. NightGuard blocks online activities between 10 pm to 7 am. K9 is also associated with WebPulse cloud service a growing community who provide more than 6 billion web content ratings per day. And as soon as just one other user rates a site for phishing, spyware or malware, K9 Web Protection will immediately block it for everyone else, so helping you avoid even the very latest scams and threats.

Norton Family Safety

Norton Family Safety developed by Symantec Corporation provides some extraordinary feature. It provides

  • Web supervision
  • Social Network Supervision
  • Search Supervision
  • PC time supervision

Parents can see what kids are searching online, whom they are hanging out on Social media and even set time limits for how long their offspring use PC. Their Basic version is free, but you can have more control with the premium version.

Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix Free Keylogger is a different way of monitoring your children. It is more a spy software than control. You can completely track your children activities. It allows to see keyboard entries, screenshots, webcam snapshots, sound recording, webcam video, clipboard value, web pages visited, and search queries.

The program keeps running in the background. Hiding the program is limited to press the close button which you can recover by a password. Only paid version allows to completely hide the wizard.

Paid Wares

Qustodio Parental Control 2015

Qustodio Parental Control 2015 can track your children`s online activity On PC, Mac, iOS, Android or Kindle devices. It includes just about every feature you might want. All the configuration and monitoring is managed through an Online dashboard that you can access from anywhere you want.

Qustodio default setting blocks websites matching any of ten categories which includes Gambling, Pornography, and Drugs. Advanced 19 categories are also available for parents who wants greater control. Alternatively you can activate email alert option whenever a child hits such undesirable sites (Useful for older kids). This payware can block secure (HTTPS) websites if they match a banned category.

McAfee Family protection

McAfee Family protection by McAfee can protect your kid from exposure to inappropriate content, social networking risks, strangers and other threats. You can block objectionable sites in up to 35 categories. Plus point is blocking of these sites are browser independent, so your child can`t access those sites by finding a less known browser.

The programs enable monitoring social activity by recording personal information whenever a sexually explicit content is posted. It blocks file sharing programs to prevent sharing nude or semi-nude photos. It can also block HTTPS sites which are having insecure content. Also, you can limit the time of your child spending on PC.

iBoss Home Parental control Router/ firewall

iBoss Home Parental control Router/ firewall is a hardware based parental control protects every device connected laptops, desktops, cellphones, tablets and gaming devices. Like others, it also allows to block inappropriate sites, can manage time spent on chat, instant messages, and gaming by the child.

It can allow to set predefined schedules for internet access by users. Prevents file downloads, viruses, spyware and malicious content from infecting your children`s computer. Additionally it allows to set different filtering rules for different family member computers.

That’s it for today. Keep on mind that any protection is incomplete. The world out there is filled with beauty and ugliness. And some predators may succeed in their ugly intention.

Best you can do is “Start the conversation with the child early and let the conversation going.”

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