Life Saving Tools for Women

How often do you hear about a random walker assaulted on the streets?

How often do you read about a single female in the city found dead in her apartment?

Too often.

The world is becoming increasingly violent day by day. Crime rates are on the rise. Suddenly it appears that it’s not safe anywhere, anymore. You become a target if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time. Even the right place can become a crime scene at the unexpected and unfortunate hour.

Stop living in fear. Being on the lookout and being aware of your surroundings at the odd hours can prevent the chance of attacks. Equipping yourself with some form of protection can make a huge difference.

Here are some tools that can become your savior in desperate times..

Pepper Spray

Pepper or Mace Spray is always associated with women safety and rightly so. This simple yet effective tool can become your instant rescuer.

pepper spray

Investing in a tiny can will save one from a lot of unpredictable trouble. Spraying it into the attacker’s eyes will momentarily blind him, giving you just enough time to make an escape to a safer zone.

Stun Guns

While being attacked, the assaulter has the upper hand or so he thinks. Well he won’t be thinking so with thousands of volts passing through his incapacitated body after you zap him with a stun gun.


Stun guns come in various forms.  You can choose one that resembles a pen, a lipstick or even a mobile phone. These look exactly like your everyday items and are easy to carry.


Originally introduced for the police force, Tasers are now available to general public. Similar to the stun gun, a Taser is an electroshock weapon. The two small dart-like electrodes fired from the gun can cause strong involuntary muscle contractions to the aggressor. And while the spasms take their time, you can flee the scene and call for help.


Personal Alarms

While being cornered, it is important to generate attention to ward off the attacker. But when you’re in a secluded area, a scream or a shout can only go so far. In the form of mini alarms and keychains, personal alarms can draw attention to any crisis.

These little tiny and lightweight items are essential for the active women on the go. Keychain personal alarms are great for walking, running, hiking, biking or traveling. There are some personal alarms that feature a hidden disarm switch which can only be deactivated by the owner.


More than just a defense weapon, they can also be used as a panic alarm or a medical alarm in times of immediate medical need.

Selfie-defense sticks

This is the age of the Selfie. Who doesn’t love taking a good selfie? And selfie sticks are indeed popular among the more enthusiastic selfie-takers. If you own one, you can use it to your advantage in times of need using it as an unlikely weapon to hit back on the attacker.


The Selfie-Defense Stick takes it a step further. Aptly described as “the first fully-legal and complete self-defense device for women” by its creator Dr. Kohli, the prototype was unveiled on International Women’s Day 2015. The Selfie-Defense Stick features a collapsible rod that combines a Samurai sword design, stun gun, pepper spray, panic button, and a pen knife. It even includes a sewing kit and mirror. Quite the magic wand a woman needs!

Door wedge

It is known that big and small hotels around the world form some of the most common crime scenes. Under the pretense of hotel employee or room service, predators gain access to hotel rooms. Or they just barge in and attack through locked or unlocked doors.

If there’s even a slight doubt concerning the authenticity of the person on the other side of the door, it’s best to trust your gut feeling and keep it shut.

In times like these, a door wedge can come in extremely handy. Small yet powerful, a wedge can secure the door tight and prevent entry. And owing to its tiny nature you can easily carry take it along with you when you travel.

door wedge

Door brace

Embrace the door brace. Safety comes first, even in our own homes.

Door braces can be installed easily under the door knob to prevent opening. This makes for an inexpensive way to secure your home, business, apartment, dorm room or hotel room from intruders.


Remember, these are only just a few of the items that you can use to protect yourself under adverse circumstances. Mobile phone apps are also another great way of arming yourself. Be safe and promote women safety.

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