Should you keep Adobe Flash or Uninstall?

Adobe Flash

Recently, Adobe Flash Player got patched – for up to 36 security issues. Believe, one of these patches were for a critical vulnerability that allowed hackers to take full control of a victim’s machine!

This critical issue was revealed by Kaspersky Labs last week. This affected various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux with the latest version of Flash. According to Kaspersky, in several countries, this vulnerability was already exploited by hackers.

Adobe Flash is here for several years- it’s been a vital part of a user’s browser, whatever he/she uses. Even, it was widely accepted, was also had a bad reputation for its security issues. At frequent intervals, developers had to release security updates to protect Flash.

But, based on the recent security issues, many industry experts have raised a different opinion. Phil Kernick, CQR Consulting’s CTO, has to say this.

Apple’s Steve Jobs had a similar opinion. For him, Flash is insecure and inefficient that’ll not match with iPhones.

Flash Player’s issues are not going to end up by this. A lot of queries regarding this player’s over-consumption of PC’s power have already reported.

You can either remove or keep Adobe Flash Player from your machine.

Keep following things in mind if you decided to keep Adobe Flash.

  • Whenever new updates are available for your Flash Player, install it. You can check it online from Adobe Flash’s official website. But, make sure not to install additional software coming along with the tool
  • Google Chrome uses its own version of Flash player. You don’t have to install a standalone version of Flash if Chrome is your default browser. In case you installed that, conflicts may happen, and as a result, you’ll not able to play media that need Flash support.
  • If you’re using Windows 10, there’s an update that’ll conflict with Flash. Better to check it.

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