How Should I Limit My Child’s Screen Time?

Limit My Child's Screen Time

Obviously, you would ask this question if you are the parent of an 8 year old child. Sorry, if you don’t want to. Let me say this first- I don’t recommend to take back your child’s entire screen access. With a small restriction on it, you can help your child to overcome some of it’s possible issues in the future.

But, how it should be?

It would be interesting to analyze the results of a recent TLF panel research conducted in the UK last year. The survey was about the opinion of parents on gadgets their kids using. The findings of the research are shown below.

  • 4/5 parents participated in the survey believe that gadgets and technology are good for children.
  • 28% of the participants said their child spent between 2-3 hours a day with gadgets.
  • For 37% of the parents, this time is 1-2 hours.
  • 38% of the 2-5 year olds own an android tablet while 32% own an iPad.
  • 1/3 of the 2-5 year old kids have a mobile phone.

Most of the parents who participated in the survey had either of these two reasons to tell

  • They want  their children to be tech-savvy
  • It is an easy way of entertaining children.

We can understand these reasons- it make sense. But, the parents should also get aware of the possible risks – when their kid spent too much time in front of screens.

The question is not about what they are watching. Let the program may have educational or social value, it’s all related to their health. Too much screens may

  • Cause sleep disruption to your child.
  • Induce psychological issues like anxiety and depression.
  • Result in obesity. (overweight)

AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has recommended certain guidelines for parents to limit their child’s screen time. According to them, tech gadgets or any such entertainment media should be avoided for infants under age 2. For older children, AAP’s recommendation is to allocation maximum 2 hours in a day.

In my opinion, children aged between 2-5 years should not have more than one hour of screen access. Up to teenage period, this limitation should not exceed more than 2 hours a day.

Parents can decide whether they have to be too harsh for making such a decision. In fact, there is no need for that. Setting up ground rules for screen access is not  much troublesome.

Here’s what you should do…

Minimize Accessibility

Disallowing the use of tech gadgets in your child’s bedroom must be your 1st priority. If your child used to watch TV or computer while eating, you can implement the same procedure here also.

Set Rules

Allocating a specific time to your child in front of screens, can bring good results. Or else, you can ask your child to select his/her time to watch TV/computer or play with gadgets.

Limit My Child's Screen Time

Also, you can help your child to choose TV programs suitable for them.

Remember, you can be your child’s role model – by reducing your own screen time.        

Give Alternatives

Instead of encouraging your child to spent time with gadgets or TV, you can indulge him Family board games or puzzles. Whenever you have time to play with your child, it is a good option.

These kinds of games aid well for ensuring family relationships also.

Limit My Child's Screen Time

Else what’s wrong with going out for a walk with your child?

What do you feel?

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