4 Types of Simple Yet Incredible Automated Home Subsytems

home-automation- anatomy of subsystems

Wikipedia does a nasty task by defining home automation as a residential extension of building automation.

The more nitty gritty home automation definition would be systems that have the proficiency to juggle the variety of different tasks.

There are a wide variety of tasks that can be accomplished by home automation systems. Dimming and brightening the light fixtures, controlling environment of home, keeping a tab on household electricity usage, and remote operation of home entertainment systems are some of them.

Aforementioned and a variety of other tasks are performed by controllable devices, are referred as “home automation subsystems”.

Subsystems are essential components of an integrated home. Each subsystem is engineered and designed to meticulously perform a single task. For example heating and cooling system are designed to adjust the room temperature automatically and sync with your daily routine.

Here are 4 essential subsystems of automated home. This list covers the area you need to look for in order to build an integrated home.

Automated Lighting System

Probably you have been using this kind of control system quite a long. Smart lighting systems are designed to control the lighting devices including incandescent, compact fluorescent, halogen, and LED to be dimmed or brightened according to your preferred level.

automated-lighting-Home automationThis subsystem helps to cut your energy usage, provides visual interest to set the mood for certain occasions and also helps to protect from security breaches.

When synchronized with other home automation devices you can even reap higher benefits. For example, lights can be turned ON and off in accordance with your security settings or the position of motorized draperies.

Security System

This might be the top reason for choosing smart appliances for your home.  The job of protecting your home and family is well handled by a residential security system.

automated-lighting-Home automationHandling security systems individually is a troublesome task. This gives a good reason to integrate residential security system with the home system.

This will give ultimate convenience and comfort. The Same device will enable to perform various tasks. You`ll be able to monitor the status of the security system, arm and disarm sensors, and even view real time images captured by surveillance  cameras from the same device.

Plus home automation will allow performing additional rituals in emergency situations. Say you can set the sensors to trigger a pattern of lights that are intended to trigger an alarm.

 Heating and Cooling System

Over the years, thermostats have evolved to a great extent. Now they are easy to program and can learn of their own.

air conditioning house- home automationAs a matter of fact, your house temperature can be adjusted automatically. Home automation has made it simple.

For houses having multiple thermostats, rather than programming each thermostat individually, you can set them up from the screen of a tablet, touch panel or another device. Once programmed, you can monitor and adjust each room temperature from a single device.

Even you can set them to adjust the temperature automatically based on specific conditions. For example you can trigger them to adjust the temperature when the garage door opens, the home theater system activates, or the motorized window shades close.

Audio and Video System

How great you will feel if your favorite song as you enter the house as after work or as you wake up to see the morning news displayed on the bathroom TV.

audio video system- home automationWell, this is possible if you integrate your audio and video system with home automation. You can set the music system to let music travel through the house.

You can also program your home lights to create the mood in sync with the music concert.

From a single device, you can create the perfect ambiance for the dinner party, a romantic evening at home, or create the rocking environment to celebrate with your friends.

Other Subsystem Worth Automating

Any device or system that run from electrical or battery power can be automated. Aforementioned subsystems are only a scratch in the surface. When working with home automation, also consider to integrate your electric door locks, garage doors, motorized equipment such as drapes, TVs, home theater screens, and video projectors), and others.


Home automation isn`t what it used to be. Company`s feel customized integration is the future of home automation. DIY options of integrating devices were popular for quite a time. But as of schedule, customers don`t want to mess with electric gears. They want complete services from product to installation in one package.

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