2 Minute Heartbreaking Christmas Advert, Make You Sob, I Swear

Edeka christmas advert

Couple of days back, I got stuck with an emotional Christmas advert released by Edeka, German supermarket chain. It has become an all-time favorite Christmas ad. The response from social media proves, it has melted many hearts already.

Look at some of the responses

German supermarket chain has virtually stolen the party of Man on the Moon advert put out by John Lewis, earlier on this November, which is already a hit.

Both the adverts used elderly loneliness into great effect and are heart-breaking. Subtitling Edeka advert for English-speaking audiences has opened up really.

Edeka advert is one step ahead at this moment, some people are claiming this as the most powerful Christmas ad.

The two minute drama features an old man as the central character, the whole plot gets unfolded with granddad, who graces the table as years pass by, well dressed and eating all alone.

How Edeka Christmas advert is melting hearts?

Granddad’s answer phone plays daughter’s message; “I just wanted to call and let you know that we can’t make it for Christmas this year” and the granddad is seen as looking at the Christmas card send by his daughter’s family. He places it on the mantelpiece.

The message concludes by saying, “We will try again next year. It will work out I promise. Merry Christmas daddy”. Finally the little voice “See you soon. Merry Christmas Grandpa”. And the phone’s out.

Then you will see granddad sitting alone in front of Christmas table as the years pass by, and family never visited the house.

Several months pass by, and his family receive news of their dad’s death. The entire family regrets the past, his daughter and her brother’s returns to their family home to give their last respect, everyone embraces each other with tears on their meeting after a long time.

But when everyone enters the home, the old man, who is actually alive, walks out slowly to the dining and says “How else could I have brought you all together?”

For a moment, everyone was stunned; daughter rans towards dad and hugs him tightly. And finally tears turns into joy and wide smiles.

And the long due Christmas celebration lightened up the home.

In many ways both the adverts are powerful, year after year we are hearing the story of elderly loneliness. Technology is a tool to stay connected, but the joy of being together is beyond comparison. Son or daughter is equally responsible for keeping their elderly parents happy and safe. To keep their face smiling as always, you need to spend time with them by sitting together.

If you have cried by seeing these Christmas advert’s, take an oath to see the feelings of your elderly dad or mom. Not just at the time of Christmas or New Year!

Love you Mom and Dad, I will be there for Christmas!! I am not sobbing..

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