5 Good Technology (Top of 2015): Redefining Purpose of Tech

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E= mc2

Einstein wrote on Blackboard that put the foundation block of Atom Bomb.

And years later, Einstein came to deeply regret. “Had I known that the Germans would not succeed in producing an atomic bomb,” he said, “I would have never lifted a finger.”

Mankind was doomed. Technology had already shown dark side on its cocoon.

Days passed. Years have been slipped.  We are near to platinum jubilee now, still muddled confused between what to do with the technology.

True technology has ill effects, has been used as a weapon, swapped millions, But technology has a flipped side too.

This is white, calm like blue sky. Angel of peace. Father of innovation.

Think about it,” If Internet was not invented, how you would have been reading this article.

Not just Internet list is countless. Technology has changed the way we used to live. It has been changing, it will change.

2015 will be remembered as one of those years when we saw the human side of technology.  Innovation around the world was more focused on solving human problems.

Let me show top 5 breakthroughs which have changed the way we see technology.

  • Android App that cure cancer while you sleep

Phones aren’t just phone anymore. They are little supercomputers. Apart from messaging, chatting you can do a lot. You can help a cancer patient to heal. You can speed up the process of cancer research.

Dream Lab App is an initiative in this direction. Researchers need answers of lots of questions every day. That requires supercomputing power that can take years and year or cost too much.

You can help them by just going to sleep.

GARVAN Institute of medical research is directly associated to this project. Dream Lab App uses the smartphone power to process those question. When you are asleep, you`re phones are idle. And your Smartphone power goes untapped. This untapped power is used to process a huge amount of research data.

Dream Lab App claims,” With 1000 downloads cancer research puzzle will be solved 30 times faster.”

android app that cures cancer

  • Absolute Power neutral Airport

In a country where more than 300 million people don`t have access to power, going solar may solve the problem.

Cochin Airport (Kerala, India) got this thing well. World`s first Airport completely run by solar power. This august the airport become totally self-dependable by installing 12MW solar plant. Remarkably Cochin airport is handling seventh busiest traffic in India.

“It was the huge power bills that prompted us to look at greener solution”, says VJ Kurian airport`s managing director. The airport consumes nearly 48,000 units costing 336,000 rupees ($5,160; £3,364) every day.

Today with solar power plant the airport produces more than enough power they need and rest of the power goes to state power grid as reserve for rainy days and night- time requirements.

power neutral airport
  • HIV testing as easy and familiar as pregnancy testing

Remember the days when there was no way to know whether she is pregnant or not? How painful and frustrating that was for young women. When pregnancy testing kit launched it was a huge relief.

Today HIV is grudging the world with its ill effects. An HIV patient feels ashamed to show up in front of the world. An HIV patient shows up only on his end stage.

Yet although HIV testing and free anti-retroviral (ARV) is available, few people know their status. The majority of HIV patients suffers and seek care only when symptomatic becomes severe.

When PopTech joined frog and several other partners in South Africa to launch a mobile campaign and HIV awareness they were aware of these challenges. Understaffed clinics and overburdened with diseases like TB, makes people reluctant to visit a clinic. South Africans started looking to test HIV on their own.

That`s where an HIV self-test kit came in. To develop a field-ready prototype, frog worked with iTeach to evolve an out of box kit that would be simple and effective. The prototype has been under test for last three years and has been passed hundreds of experiments.

We might see a full-fledged commercial product of HIV self- testing kit on the new eve.

HIV testing kit
  • Technology that helps blind people to see

When World first exposed to 3D printers. People began to imagine about 3D printed objects, buildings, accessories and only physical things. Can you think that one day blind people will start seeing 3D printed objects?

New York- based company is designing 2D art paintings through 3D printing process that will be visible to blind people. The idea is build paintings, drawings, and photographs into 3D printed tactile fine art.

Inspired by the works on neuroplasticity by Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that says human mind is capable of processing the tactile information obtained from fingertip contact like it had been obtained through visualization.

So blind people can see a 3D printed tactile art by running a finger through it and creating a mental picture of it, just like a visually enriched person would do.

“Our goal is to make the world’s greatest art and greatest photography available to blind people at every museum, every science center, and every cultural institution, first in this country [the U.S.] and then beyond,” says 3DPhotoWorks Co-Founder John Olson.

The company has kick-started fundraising campaign through crowd funding.

3D printing that is visible to blind people

Ok, I lied to you. My 5th list is empty. The ever-changing technology makes it really tough to pick out the best five.

I need help. Please, suggest me the 5th best innovation that has touched human life in 2015.  I am not looking for any fancy gadget or big bang technology. The 5th one should be simple and intrusive that impacts people life for good. That`s the purpose of good technology.

Write your suggestion in comments below. The best suggestion will be featured in the vacant section with contributors name on it.

Thank you for being with me for this long.

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