How to Get Rid of a Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware Attack

In a recent article, I have covered the effect of Ransomware as a cyber-security threat. Hope, all you have read it. This time, I just want to share some tips for helping you to get rid of ransomware attack.

Certainly, Ransomware attacks are on the rise, more than ever. Every day, you may read about some info on this threat, if you are a constant follower of information security related news. It has become as one among the favorite tools of cyber criminals – as it’s very profitable, making a million-dollar market. For Symantec, this number has reached even £3 million a year.

What to do After Ransomware Attack?

As you know, your computer can be infected by two types of ransomware- lock screen ransomware and file encryption ransomware. If the ransomware type infected on your machine is file encryption type, you can try to get rid of your system from that. Following steps may be useful for you then.

  • If your system is part of a network, remove it immediately from the network.
  • Check for available restore points, using which you can restore your computer to a “last known good configuration”. (Before doing this, it’s good to make a copy of encrypted files for future analysis)
  • Restart your machine in Safe Mode and Scan it using an antivirus software.
  • Know the type of Ransomware detected on your PC (You can use an online service called ID Ransomware for that).
  • If you have identified the type of Ransomware, download a ransomware decryption tool to get your data back.

Be Safe from Ransomware Attacks in Future

To minimize the chances of Ransomware attacks in future, you can take some precautions like:

  • Don’t visit unsafe, suspicious websites.
  • Don’t open email attachments from suspicious sources.
  • Beware of unsure links in emails or social media.
  • Protect your computer with a strong anti-spyware and enable Firewall.

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