How To Avoid Privacy Breaches On Facebook ( Privacy Settings Tips)?

Facebook Privacy settings

It`s a Monday morning, and you`re sitting down with your first cup of coffee.

You open up your Facebook, and you`re excited to see that someone liked your latest profile picture.

“Omg!” you flattered. “I might have got beautiful comments too!”

Then you look closer, and you slam your coffee mug down in disgust.

The comment isn`t from an intimate, friendly person who enjoy your friendship and wants to appreciate your best pic.

It`s from your EX.


This comment makes you puke.

Your EX has taken his/ her revenge.

Hate commenting is an annoying, depressing part of social life.

Social- media plays a love- hate relationship with you. Dealing with it is a lot like playing an endless, irritating game of Whack- a- Mole. The game never ends, you waste a ton of your time and peace of mind.

Perhaps it`s time you got yourself a better shield.

What are the Threats on Facebook (and Does Facebook Care)?

If you are not aware of Facebook Privacy Policies, sooner or later you might experience online bullying. It starts with a not so decent comment on your public picture. And often take a dirty turn.

Here are some Privacy Threats on Facebook:

  • Photo and video sharing- Privacy advocates are concerned because much of user`s personal life and social environment are revealed in these multimedia collections. We have found that Facebook doesn’t delete photos immediately when a user request they are removed.
  • Social networking- Facebook has billion of online profiles sharing personal and sensitive information freely with vast networks of friends and an unknown no of strangers. Risk range from identity theft, online or physical stalking to embarrassment and blackmailing.

Like all companies, we can`t assign Facebook a term like “caring”. They do care about people privacy but their primary goal is to make money.  But Facebook has ensured that users got to have rights about setting their privacy setting.

How to stay safe on Facebook

If you are worried about your vulnerability in Facebook, you can do these things:

  • Learn how to use Facebook’s privacy shortcuts and settings to comfortably share and connect with others
  • Learn how to recognize sensitive content and behavior and how to report it
  • Follow this simple rules and you will never find yourself vulnerable to online threats:
  • Never share your password
  • Think before you post
  • Adjust your privacy settings and review them often
  • Only accept friend requests from people you know personally
  • Report things that look suspicious

We’ll deal with making your Facebook presence safer in next few articles. In this blog post, I’ll dig on Facebook privacy settings.

Control the stuff you want others to show

You can control your activities and post by limiting the audience you share with and filtering out the persons and groups you don`t want to share.

The default settings for sharing post is public, however, we recommend to set it to Friend unless you are a celebrity or maintaining a page that directly influence your business interest.

We`ll deal with the controlling who can see your stuff first

1. Click on the privacy settings button on the far right of your Facebook account

privacy- shortcuts

2. GO to “Who can see my stuff?”

who can see my stuff

3. Inside the menu, it will show who can see your future post, in this hypothetical example, my post is apparently visible to “Public”. That means anyone in Facebook can view my post (including my friends, my friends of friends and many unknown people)

public can see

4. This can be easily fixed by changing the option to “Friends”

Friends can see

5. Remember you can change this setting for individual posts anytime

individual post- Facebok Privacy Settings

Bonus Tip

If you want to restrict your posts so that some of your friends can`t see the post. Then the Friend setting has a couple of tweaks as well.

Here`s How to restrict some of your friends from viewing your posts.

6. Repeat the process till step 2, then below the sharing button, you will see “More option”

more option- Facebok Privacy Settings

7. Click on Custom option

custom- Facebok Privacy Settings

8. Once you are in the custom setting you can do few tweaks

custom privacy- Facebok Privacy Settings

9. You can either include all your friends while excluding the names of certain Facebook friends you don`t want to see your updates

exclude friends- Facebok Privacy Settings

  • If you have built list of people then you can put them  either  in “include” or “exclude” list

This restriction could come handy if you want to make sure that your work friends don`t see your selfie when you called in sick or you want only your college Friends to see your late night party pictures.

Control “Who can connect with you?”

You can comfort yourself  a little bit by controlling how people connect with you in Facebook.? it always advisable not to accept strangers friend requests.

 1. Click on “Who can contact me” inside privacy setting button

who can contact me- Facebok Privacy Settings

2. By default, there are only two option “Everyone” and “Friends of friends”. We recommend choosing “Friends of friends”

friends of friends- Facebok Privacy Settings

3. Save all the settings.

That`s it! You are safer on Facebook now.

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