Cyber Crimes – Expect the worse & Put together all your Antidotes

Cyber Crime Prevention Strategies 1

“What is Cyber Crime?” – Sorry, I am not gonna start like this. Because, I know it will irritate you- since the topic itself is not at all unfamiliar to you.


Let’s start by talking about the first recorded Cyber Crime ever.

Well, it happened decades back in France. To be precise, in 1820 by the employees of Joseph-Marie Jacquard. He was a textile manufacturer, who made a special loom to automate fabric production. His employees became anxious about their job after this loom’s entry. So, they did several actions to cast down the use of such technology.

Think, is it up to today’s so called cyber crimes? Phishing, hacking, or whatever is on-topic?

Facts won’t Lie

Now, just consider organizations point of view. “Average annual cyber security cost for about 58 organizations was $15 million in the last year” – A recent study made by Ponemon Institute.

“In 2014 itself, United States had became the victim of over 50% of the worldwide cyber attacks. In, August 2015, about 56% of the respondents of a survey claim that they had taken some sort of security precautions over cyber attacks”- By Statista, one of the leading cyber data analyzers.

Anything wrong in trusting these results?

What if I suggest some basic prevention strategies – against cyber crimes?

Here are few…

Be Scam-proof

From now onwards, you are taking a new decision – not to follow emails from untrusted sources. How about that?

Cyber Crime Prevention Strategies 2

“In the last week, 1 out of the 5 Americans between 25-34 have used online dating sites. On this Valentines day, almost 1.26% of all dating deals was of fraudulent in nature.”

(The above words are derived from the latest research conducted by Pew Research.)

Off course, you may receive some mails where it is very hard to suspect the source. But, no  reliable site will ask for your personal info via a mail link. Right!

Secure Devices

Imagine a computer with no anti-virus/ anti- spyware protection (not even OS updates).  How long such a system can survive?

Cyber Crime Prevention Strategies 3

Any OS can claim that it is “invulnerable” to all levels of malicious threats.

But in reality, how many systems reach up to that level?

To an extent, these Firewalls and Security software’s are inevitable  – especially against early malware attacks.

The Right Use of Passwords

 Leave it if you are a person who can follow up biometric authentication methods. The right use of traditional password system still deserves a mention.

Cyber Crime Prevention Strategies 4

How many of you use the same “username-password comb” for your different accounts? Does it seem awkward?

No matter what they intended for, websites demands users to have a strong password with their accounts. The “easy-to-crack-down” passwords are always simple, containing no special characters.

Let’s take the number of characters in a password for consideration. In general, there is nothing such a de-facto standard for character count in a password. Anyway, many websites requires at least 6 characters in a password. A 10 digit password should be favorable in this context.

Cyber criminals are not going to perish. As long as, the entity “cyber world” exists, new forms of cyber crimes are going to emerge from surface . Without taking appropriate measures at the right time, will it be possible to overcome adverse effects of any of such invasions?

Giving it to you. Think and find.

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