Creators Update Ensures your Control over Privacy Settings

Although Windows 10 Creators Update has hit the cyber community with all its swanky features and updates, privacy seems to be of highest priority always. Launched a few months ago, this fairly new feature of Windows 10 has been frowned upon by many regarding its safety measures.

Windows Update comes with the prominent tool, Cortana – the virtual, personal Windows assistant. It functions with the help of a cloud service that is convenient yet minimally unsafe. Nevertheless, keeping aside its flaws, the Creators Update has added a few settings will make the user turn his frown upside-down.

These settings are a blow to the previous Windows versions’ privacy settings, which were complicated to use. They help in safeguarding the user’s Microsoft Account. Here are those settings that Microsoft has released based on web-based privacy measures:


The Settings App

In the Settings App in Windows 10 Creators Update, each of the privacy screens has a tab – Know your privacy options & a link – Learn more, placed. Clicking on the tab will display details regarding privacy settings while clicking on the link, the user will be taken to Microsoft’s online privacy pages. Each of the options that you find there are neatly explained with a description.

The Background apps section, another side of the privacy sections, is provided with a universal “off” button. When clicked on, all the background apps will be turned off at once. This will save the user, time and effort instead of manually turning off each background app one at a time.


Microsoft Account Dashboard

This web-based privacy dashboard comes along with the Creators Update, contains items of the user’s browsing history, search history, location data, and Cortana Notebook from Microsoft Edge (the updated form of Internet Explorer).

This privacy dashboard can be accessed and logged in through:

Here is an example from the dashboard options – the location option. It is a single-click procedure. Go to Location Settings and click on Clear Location Activity button, placed on the right-hand side. The location details will be erased.


Basic and Full diagnostic data

Diagnostic tools often bear private information, as they have to maintain the system’s health through constant scanning and diagnosis of any errors or corruptions. Therefore, Microsoft has assured their customers through the transparency of these tools. The data saved is marked as full by default. It fluctuates as the user goes into the feedback section. It is to be noted that the user would have sent a minimal amount of data irrespective of which option is chosen. The Basic and Full data diagnostic tools can be looked up online at Microsoft’s TechNet website, to access more detailed explanation.

Although these settings do not really affect the privacy settings on a larger perspective, these options provide the users a consolation that their data can be accessed easily and quickly understood. The user is given more control over their privacy and settings.

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