Protecting your Home Devices

Safety is a need in every aspect of our lives. Long gone are the days when we left our homes with a huge lock on the door latch and carried the key, believing that our home is safe and secure. Today, we have technologies that are exclusively created for securing our homes from unwanted intruders. Many security devices, through the internet, are paired with our personal gadgets like our phones that help us control safety settings with the touch of a button or a voice command. They also help us by informing updates and keep track of the status at home.

However, hackers are also smart enough to break in (home devices) and steal your personal details and private information. Although these devices are safe, there is still a chance of being plundered. If you want to install a self-controlled security device at home, here are some things to keep in mind while you make your choices.

Do your research

It is important to know about the different brands and their profile when you want to buy their product. In this age of the internet, this is quite an easy task. Skim through all the brands you are considering and run through their history and achievements. Ask a friend who has used any of their products. Choose trusted and well-known brands that have been in the market for a considerable period.

Read updates of the brands to know their latest ways of troubleshooting and dealing with possible insecure scenarios. Also, be skeptical about the brand themselves to make sure that you are not taken for a ride (being duped). Ask them questions and take time to decide to trust them. It is possible that the company themselves can threaten your privacy.

Use your Wi-Fi smartly

By connecting your home devices and personal devices with two different Wi-Fi networks, you can reduce chances of endangering one set of devices from the other, if they were all on the same network. If one network is hacked, the other network, which is protected by another set of passwords, will be difficult to hack into. Some of the home devices can be the amazon Echo, Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue Smart lights. Some of the personal devices can be your smartphone and tablet.

This can be achieved by enabling a guest network apart from the primary network. The guest network will have a different username and password. Many Wi-Fi routers these days offer this option. Here is an example Wi-Fi – TP Link’s Archer C7. You can even disable the network name from being visible if you want to.

Strong Passwords = Strong Security

Strong passwords are a necessity that should not be neglected. Try to create strong passwords with a mixture of random numbers and characters to make it complicated. This might give a hard time to hackers trying to break in. Even if you are not able to remember your passwords, you can write them down and store it in a safe place. Use the help of password-managing apps to help generate strong and better passwords.

Monitor the security devices regularly

This is very important. Keep a constant check on the security devices to keep track of any updates regarding the safety features and the software. Upgrade any updates that you are find listed immediately. In addition, your devices or your internet-connected devices would usually try to grab your attention using blinking lights. Chances are that you might not catch the signal, so it is recommended that you check for updates frequently.

Go Mute

It is a common remedy to put a tape over the webcam to prevent being filmed by a hacker. Similarly, in products like amazon Echo and Google Home, provide a mute button that can switched off the microphone on your device. This may put off the hackers from listening to your conversations and therefore protect your privacy.


These are some of the tips that you can use to get the right kind of security for your home devices. It is quite an opportunity to be able to monitor your privacy with the movement of a finger. So use the best brands and keep yourself updated regularly.

4 Types of Simple Yet Incredible Automated Home Subsytems

Wikipedia does a nasty task by defining home automation as a residential extension of building automation.

The more nitty gritty home automation definition would be systems that have the proficiency to juggle the variety of different tasks.

There are a wide variety of tasks that can be accomplished by home automation systems. Dimming and brightening the light fixtures, controlling environment of home, keeping a tab on household electricity usage, and remote operation of home entertainment systems are some of them.

Aforementioned and a variety of other tasks are performed by controllable devices, are referred as “home automation subsystems”.

Subsystems are essential components of an integrated home. Each subsystem is engineered and designed to meticulously perform a single task. For example heating and cooling system are designed to adjust the room temperature automatically and sync with your daily routine.

Here are 4 essential subsystems of automated home. This list covers the area you need to look for in order to build an integrated home.

Automated Lighting System

Probably you have been using this kind of control system quite a long. Smart lighting systems are designed to control the lighting devices including incandescent, compact fluorescent, halogen, and LED to be dimmed or brightened according to your preferred level.

automated-lighting-Home automationThis subsystem helps to cut your energy usage, provides visual interest to set the mood for certain occasions and also helps to protect from security breaches.

When synchronized with other home automation devices you can even reap higher benefits. For example, lights can be turned ON and off in accordance with your security settings or the position of motorized draperies.

Security System

This might be the top reason for choosing smart appliances for your home.  The job of protecting your home and family is well handled by a residential security system.

automated-lighting-Home automationHandling security systems individually is a troublesome task. This gives a good reason to integrate residential security system with the home system.

This will give ultimate convenience and comfort. The Same device will enable to perform various tasks. You`ll be able to monitor the status of the security system, arm and disarm sensors, and even view real time images captured by surveillance  cameras from the same device.

Plus home automation will allow performing additional rituals in emergency situations. Say you can set the sensors to trigger a pattern of lights that are intended to trigger an alarm.

 Heating and Cooling System

Over the years, thermostats have evolved to a great extent. Now they are easy to program and can learn of their own.

air conditioning house- home automationAs a matter of fact, your house temperature can be adjusted automatically. Home automation has made it simple.

For houses having multiple thermostats, rather than programming each thermostat individually, you can set them up from the screen of a tablet, touch panel or another device. Once programmed, you can monitor and adjust each room temperature from a single device.

Even you can set them to adjust the temperature automatically based on specific conditions. For example you can trigger them to adjust the temperature when the garage door opens, the home theater system activates, or the motorized window shades close.

Audio and Video System

How great you will feel if your favorite song as you enter the house as after work or as you wake up to see the morning news displayed on the bathroom TV.

audio video system- home automationWell, this is possible if you integrate your audio and video system with home automation. You can set the music system to let music travel through the house.

You can also program your home lights to create the mood in sync with the music concert.

From a single device, you can create the perfect ambiance for the dinner party, a romantic evening at home, or create the rocking environment to celebrate with your friends.

Other Subsystem Worth Automating

Any device or system that run from electrical or battery power can be automated. Aforementioned subsystems are only a scratch in the surface. When working with home automation, also consider to integrate your electric door locks, garage doors, motorized equipment such as drapes, TVs, home theater screens, and video projectors), and others.


Home automation isn`t what it used to be. Company`s feel customized integration is the future of home automation. DIY options of integrating devices were popular for quite a time. But as of schedule, customers don`t want to mess with electric gears. They want complete services from product to installation in one package.

Advance Guide of Buying Connected Products:Quest for Smart Home

You hear a lot of about” Smart Homes” and “Connected products”. But what stops you actually owning a smart home?

A survey by icontrol networks reports 54% US people saying they plan to buy at least one smart home product next year.

With more and more technology evolving every year, we have recorded a rise in the excitement. The more people know about the technology the more interested and excited they become about incorporating it into their everyday connected lifestyle.

While a ‘Jetsons” lifestyle may not appeal to all, user experience and easy- to- use should be the driving factor for the technology adoption. This guide will teach you the factors to consider for buying a connected home product and one of the important characteristic that makes home smart.

But first of all

Why to Buy Smart Home Products?

You probably already realize that you`d sleep better at night if your parents and grandparents had the smart home technology. Smart home technology can help elder live happier, easier lives, and can be a great resource for family members to keep an eye on their aging parents.

Not only ELDER CARE smart homes have something more to offer.

  • Security- Considering the fact that in every 15 sec burglars invade one home, a security camera or alarm system becomes a must to have. Connected homes are less likely to burglarize due to the solid security system.
  • Energy efficient life- Accept the fact world is going crazy over the lack of energy resources. According to a research, the earth can last only till 2050 with complete energy reserve. So it is obvious that you should adopt energy efficient lifestyle. And smart homes are doing better on that area.
  • Entertainment- Come on, you can`t deny the human nature to entertained. With smart homes providing the ability to remotely control /or monitor their TV and sound system can give one of the top reasons to buy a smart home product.

No doubt Smart homes offers more benefits than flaws, still privacy and data theft remains prime concern while choosing a smart home product.

The consumer remains perplexed and unguided when it comes to actually buy a connected home product.

Here`s the list of factors you need to consider while buying connected products or reinventing your smart home.

1. Ask yourself: complete Smart home or just a bunch of connected products?

Choosing between these two options can make a difference. Often people complain about devices that don’t communicate with each other. If it requires multiple apps and complex dashboards then it will raise only your frustration. And this becomes blunt reality as more and more devices are added to your list.

So first decide your priorities. Whether you want to buy just one product or planning to buy more products in the future.

It is always better to buy a complete package or smart home hub because it eliminates the problem before it begins.

2. Clear your preferences

If you are going for smart home devices it is always better to frame your preferences in your head.

Take a piece of paper and write down-

  • What purpose you want this product to serve
  • What is your budget
  • Which device suits your need
  • From where you can buy

Answering this question might help to explore the options and coming up with the right     product you need. A right decision can save you from a lot of trouble.

3. Research a bit more

Once you have decided what kind of product you are going to buy, research a bit about the product, and consider alternatives also.

Simply a Google search about the product can save a lot of your time and money.

Just type the product name in the search engine box.

Suppose you want to buy security cameras. Head over to the browser, type “security camera”.

We will see sponsored images of Amazon and others. It’s a good way of getting idea about different kind of security cameras we have in the market. Like a found a whole different categories surveillance camera. Now it`s pretty easy for me to select.

smart home- buying connected products

4. Ask a real review from friends or relatives

I am sure that most people prefer big brands ratings and reviews while buying not only connected devices but also any other product.

But nothing can replace a live demonstration or a review from a friend. Your friend has installed that automatic door in his home. Good, drive this weekend to her and see it by yourself. Talk about pros and cons.

And there is always, certainly your friends have something to say. Who knows she might advise something really useful.

5. DIY vs professional services

Younger people prefer the DIY part of smart homes. And why not building a smart castle all by yourself sounds quite fancy.

But some products might require a more expert hand.

While installing smart light bulbs is super easy, on the other hand installing a smart thermostat require professional expertise in dealing with wiring and heating system.

You don`t want to mess with that, only to regret later.

Good part is there is whole industry exist to install and configure smart home devices. Or else the provider themselves can help.

Now that you know what should be your approach when you start hunting for smart home products, I can better explain what components are making home smart and connected today.

A perfect smart home is when the devices automate their own.  I am sure you expect the same,

Smart home devices should be able to complete a task on their own. They should learn based on the analytics and sensors to take action and automate the process.

However present technology has not gone that far yet (but somewhat it is possible). At least, you can expect devices working on voice-controlled commands and the ability to obey instructions via text messages.

Currently, home automation is all about Architectural Lighting Control System, Security System, Heating and Cooling System, Audio and Video System.

Among less known trends that are worth mentioning- motorized gates, electronic door locks, garage doors, swimming pool, and spa system, motorized equipment (for drapes, TVs, home theater screens, and video projectors), irrigation system, and decorative fountains.

It will be interesting to see how smart home technology is going to evolve in future. Whatever we got today is only a glimpse of endless possibilities.


Smart Home is the most important innovation of the last decade. Actually, It`s a culmination of several different discoveries: you need to integrate appliances, automation, monitoring and surveillance systems, and devices that are capable of communicating with each other in order to make a home smart.

If you`re looking for more comfort, security and convenience in your home (And Who isn`t) then basically it`s the smart home you are looking for.

Smart Homes Today: How the Innovation Has Evolved

There was a time when smart homes were mere a techie dreams. Only films and books have depicted the kind of homes that are interactive and run by themselves. Writers used to imagine homes having hoverboards, humans interacting with fridges, controlling room temperature and lights from phones and cooking meals with a voice command.

But a new era has already arrived. We may not have hoverboards yet, but we can text our fridges, schedule our lights to turn off or on, open our door from phones.

Make no false assumption: Home automation technology has achieved the significant breakthrough, but they`re are not as fancy as we have seen in science fiction movies. But who knows you can have those automated homes that run even after you die.


Today`s smart home is about living greener and security. Smart homes are more focused on reducing energy expenditure and sustainability. They also help to alert home invasion.

Present smart home technology facilitates remote smartphone control, automated lights, thermostat adjustments, scheduling appliances, mobile/ email/ text notification and remote video surveillance.

A way to go: The future

Yes, we have devices that can be remotely controlled by humans. Companies like Nest and Samsung are dedicating their efforts to make device communicate each other. We can expect interactive homes that have their own opinion or adjusting themselves based on owner’s preferences.

The Ultimate List of the

Home Automation Innovations and Products to Adopt

From Thermostat to Bluetooth Enabled Flower Pot this Guide has you Covered

1. World`s Coolest Thermostat

Designed by Tony Fadell`s (former employee of Apple who has seen 18 generations of Apple iPod) company Nest- a wall bound device capable of managing the climate of your home.

It does what thermostats have been doing for years, then what so cool about that.

Nest has something more.

Apart from being slightly expensive, this thermostat is insanely cool. Nest is larger, the body is covered in brushed chrome and mount a large, round, colorful LCD screen.

Bonus is Nest also learns. This thermostat learns your temperature preferences and then create a climate schedule for you. You can set your own schedule, can track details about previous day or even your weekly temperature schedule. There are also screens that demonstrate your energy savings.

2. SmartThings: Adding innovation to everyday things

SmartThings connects the physical world to the internet. Idea is to control, monitor, and automate the physical things from a mobile based App.

This can make your life a lot easier, convenient and fun.

You can control your air conditioner, lights, fans, heaters, and disco balls from your mobile devices.

Currently, the SmartThings offers

a. Smart doors– With SmartThings your door can sense when you`re coming or leaving, can secure your home automatically when you leave home or can open it back when you return.

b. Weather Watcher– This SmartApp allows to take any action remotely when a rain is headed your way. Delay sprinkles, know your Windows are closed, and your grill are covered etc.

c. Make it Look Like– discourage burglars by turning ON and Off your TV and lights in a human pattern even if you` re away from home.

Possibilities are endless.

” SmartApps are able to mash up and interact with connected things in our physical world, as well as online and other services,” says SmartThings makers.

You can monitor your drawers and cabinets that contain precious and dangerous items, get notified when your pet runs out of your yard and many more. I will be interesting to watch what SmartThings and IOT have to offer in coming years.

smartThings- smart home innovation

3. WEMO: Family of simple and customizable product

Launched by Belkin, WEMO Home Automation is a line of simple and customizable products that allow you to control home electronics from anywhere.  The easy- to- use products uses mobile internet to control your home electronics, power, water, and Wi-Fi right from your smartphone or tablet.

WeMo also works with IFTTT that connects your home electronics to online apps. WeMO home automation products that are worth to watch:

a. WeMO Insight switch– This switch allows to monitor the energy consumption of your electronics. You can also turn ON or off your electronics products and monitor their behavior. All you`ll need is an internet connection.

b. WeMO Light Switch– This Wi-Fi enabled switch lets you turn room lights on and off from your smartphone.

Belkin shares also their other products WeMO LED Starter Kit, Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo etc.

Belkin quoted WeMo is a new generation smart line of products that evolves to become an integral part of your life.

wemo- smart home innovation

4. LG HOMECHAT Appliances:

One of the most intriguing new innovation by LG which allow users to chat with their appliances like they were real people. You can issue commands and receive status updates from the Smart appliances by texting them.

According to the company, you`ll literally be able to ask washer “What`re you doing?” or your fridge “Do we have beer?” and they will respond just as a person would.

Company is committed to rolling it out to most of its major home appliances – refrigerators, robotic vacuum cleaners, ovens, washers, dryers, etc. – in the next year.

LG homechat- smart home innovations

5. Keen Smart Vent:

If thermostats can be coolest then why not vents. Following on the footprints of Nest, Keen introduced Smart Vent early this year.

You can`t call it just another vent. Beautifully designed to increase comfort and reduce energy costs by regulating your home`s temperature room by room. Keens Smart Vent lets you control how much air should reach to room of the house to balance energy usage and comfort.

Keen Smartphone app lets you control the vent at your fingertips. It offers manual mode as well as auto mode to a specific temperature. Company suggest to integrate it with smart thermostat for more convenience.

smart vent- smart home innovation

6. Smarter Coffee

For coffee lovers who likes to have it every morning but cannot sacrifice that extra 5 minutes. Smarter coffee lets you brew that perfect cup of coffee from your smartphone or tablet. Supported in iOS and Android smart coffee app controls grinding also sends notification when it needs more water or running low on coffee beans

Even you can schedule it according to your preferences. Want coffee a couple of hours later, on a Sunday morning? No worry.

Smarter coffee machine can serve a single cup to 12 cups at once.

The 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Smarter Coffee machine is compatible with IFTTT, Apple HomeKit and all major connected devices.

Smart coffee- smart home innovation

7. The Smart Flower pot

The Parrot Pot is part of parrot second generations of plant sensor. It helps you to automate the irrigation of plant. The parrot pot`s smart irrigation system waters your plant precisely when it needs it.

With efficient irrigation schedule, the pot ensures healthy growth and also maximize water conservation.

A built in 2.2L reservoir provides up to 1 month of automatic irrigation while you`re away from home.
The Parrot pot also provides user targeted, plant specific advice about how to best care for their plants.

Home Security Scammers May Be Eyeing Your Home; Be Cautious

Having a home security system in place gives extra relief for house owners. However, some companies tries to exploit these security concerns by forcing us to take a substandard product, all they want from us is our money. In every sense, home security scammers and burglars are no different.

The nation’s consumer protection agency, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) urges consumers to use some caution before going with any security system brought by door to door sales representatives.

If you want to keep your home safe then you have to be really vigilant. See the documents shown by sales representatives are convincing or not; if everything is fine then do business with them.

Home security companies mainly target spring and summer season. For this purpose, security companies used to hire travelling sales agents. They will go door to door to sell products.

Some of the tactics used by home security sales people are so deceptive. And they put extra pressure on consumers to go with something expensive and substandard which by no way fit their needs.

What you need to do before letting anyone in, is confirm their identity.

In some states there is a fixed law, where sales people have to mention their name to the customer, business name they represent and also the products that they are wishing to sell. They have to tell this, before you ask anything. In other states, they have to show the customer photo ID proof or license. Check these documents thoroughly by taking couple of minutes.

How home security scammers target you?

Scammers use different approaches; for which they often look at the signs of existing installations. Old designs have the original installation date, which will be printed on the back side. Let’s look at some of the common approaches.

Fraudsters approach by pretending as remote access technician from your home security system company. They may contact you by phone to tell you; company computer is showing some flaws in your home security system. And very soon they will be sending someone to rectify the issues. But their motive is different, they want you to let them in. The purpose is to tamper with security alarm, so that they can plan another day to burglarize your things.

Door to door sales agents will try to convince you that they are from the existing security firm. And their proposals may be upgrading or replacing the current system. The idea is simple; they want to pressurize you to sign a contract for new monitoring system; at inflated amount and longer term. People who have signed the deal often finds the contract cannot be broken without paying huge penalties.

The other way of screwing consumers is by claiming that; your existing system installer has stopped doing business; the contract was taken over by them. And the goal of these persons are to convince that you have to sign a new contract. Obviously, the contract will be for a higher price and longer term.

In some cases agents approach you directly and even takes deposit for getting new security system. And you will never hear from them again.

Few things to keep in mind:

Home security system companies sending a repairman to your door is weird, that too unannounced; Legitimate companies won’t do that. The same way, your existing home security company going out of business. If that really happens then you will be notified with an email; someone showing up to say this is absolutely illogical.

How to protect yourself from home security scammers?

Ask references: If a salesperson shows up on your door with home security system, ask the salesperson for their previous customers in your locality. You can check those addresses to confirm whether they are genuine. You can even contact them for more information, ask them about the service and equipment.

Do a detailed background check: You can demand more information like the contractor’s license number, to which state they are registered. Check this carefully before preparing your mind.

Get everything in writing: Get all the estimates of home security service and equipment in writing; that includes who is going to install it, the cost, maintenance policies, etc.

Read the contract carefully: Check the contract have covered all the points that you’ve agreed. Don’t miss any fine print for commitments like the contract term, monitoring fees, the right of cancelling the deal.

You can also check with appropriate authorities before trusting the home security company; like Attorney general of the state, local consumer protection agency and state licensing officials.

Share your opinions in the comments section.

What This FBI Research Reveals About Burglars And Your Guide To Stay Safe

stay safe from burglars side image (1)

“There is nothing important than a good, safe, secure home.”

But safe and secure home is just a mirage.

Truth is:

America is one of the leading countries in the home invasion and burglary reports.


According to FBI`s Uniform Crime Reporting program (UCR) four burglary happens every minute in the nation. That means in every 15 sec burglars invade one home.

I have covered 4 important insights from the UCR program.


Burglary report infographic- stay safe from burglars


Here`s what you can do to stay safe from burglars

1. Welcome “Homesickness”: stay at home or tell someone to stay in your absence

A household member present in the home is less likely to burglarize than no member present in the home according to FBI data.

burglary vs household member presence- stay safe from burglars


And the same study shows that out of 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year a household member was present in roughly 1 million burglaries.


burglary pyramid- stay safe from burglars


The next time you are out of your home, do a little trick that will make the burglar think you`re in home when you are not.

The old way to trick people is installing timed lights or an alarm system.

Is it enough?

Crime data shows that typical burglary happens not on the night, but in broad daylight. You have to get smart about your house sitter. Or you can operate shades when you are not at home.

House sitter are old news now. Try to be smart and build a smart home.

Bottom line? You` re less likely to get robbed when someone is home or, at least, it should seem so.


2. Find a partner to dwell with

UCR analysis shows married couples without children experienced lowest rate of home invasion incidents.


burglary single/ married- stay safe from burglars


A person living with a partner are less likely to burglarize than single people.

It makes a big difference.

Question is: why?

Psychology is two or more people are more likely to protest during burglary than house composed of single people.

This is true even for male living alone.

In fact:

Single men living with children has experienced the highest rate of burglary than single female living with children (when no one was at home).

However, a household with only single men or single female is equally likely to burglarize while residence is occupied.

But the real risk is for single women living with children when they are at home.

…… which made them more vulnerable.


3. Earn more or pretend to be Rich

If you are not rich then you can be next target of the burglar.

Not kidding:

Besides whatever we think, during last decade people with lower income rate has experienced the highest rate of burglary than higher income rate.


poor-and-a-rich-man- stay safe from burglars


The risk is even worse if you can`t afford your own house.

The research says rental household properties experienced a higher rate of burglary compare to household occupied by residence. It doesn`t affect the rate when someone is at home or NOT.

Thanks to wiki how, now you can pretend to be rich even if you are not.

Just sell your old stuff and buy classy items, be seen spending a little more et cetera.


4. Ditch that Mobile home: Buy an Apartment

A recent study found household members living in the mobile home were more likely to victimize than members living in any other form of houses.

With exception members living in hotels, motels, and rooming houses were equally likely to victimize as those staying in a mobile home.

We all know staying in this


mobile-home- stay safe from burglars






But people residing in houses or apartments are less likely to burglarize. Even if no one is present in the house (compare to mobile home, motels, hotels, and rooming houses).


5. Build a door like “Troy” had

Remember the movie Troy.

How the United Greek forces were unable to break in through their GIANT doors.

No, I am not saying to have one. But make a door firm enough that can sustain burglars` assault.

Because most of the burglars enter through doors by removing, damaging it.


firm door- stay safe from burglars


Removing or damaging a window screen is equally possible during a burglary.

Burglars are more likely to invade into a home by tampering with door handles or locks when no one is in the home (around 30%).

How to secure your door?

The Prepper journal has published some highly practical tips on securing your door.


6. Alarms, Camera: key to avoiding burglary

A research by AlREF (Alarm industry research and education foundation) found that burglars are avoid targeting a home equipped with security alarms and spy cameras.

Out of 422 convicts of burglary, 83% confess that they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary. 60% said they would consider the camera or other surveillance equipment before selecting a target.


The burglar nightmare- stay safe from burglars


Installing a camera or alarm system may sound old school.

The fact is these surveillance systems contributes the most on checking burglary.

But you have more advance option available today.

With companies like Protect America providing distinctive product for securing your home…

You should not have to watch your home like a nightguard.


Here`s What To Do Next ( Your ” Turn”)

It`s important for me you don`t skim this post and then pop over to Facebook.

I want you to actually adopt this information in your lifestyle.

So from today onwards look to implement these tips and tweak your lifestyle and, more importantly, watch your neighbors too.

Do you know 65% offenders of burglary are known to the victim? And these cases took a violent diverge 30% of the time.

stay safe, keep your eyes and ear open and do share this article ( don`t you think it might help someone?).

2 of the Most Smartest Home Security Gadgets to Have

Give away to these two smartest home security gadgets – Deadbolt locks and Security cameras. Your home will be much safer with it.

My previous article – Keeping your home safe from burglars emphasized on fixing small things at first. And the additional aid of technology that adds more value to it. In this article, I will show you how to protect your front door in particular.

It’s true that some silly tricks might save your ass from burglars. Yes, something like “My scary dog can run faster than you” board would be enough, even if you don’t have a real dog. But there is no offense in adding technology to your #homesafety strategy, it makes more sense.

Would you mind a deadbolt lock making way for your lousy locks?

I wouldn’t.

Considering 70 percent burglars break in through doors, out of which above 30 percent use front door. Don’t you think it’s trivial to protect the exterior entries?

This thought has paved the way for smart locks to home security system. Yale Keyless Deadbolt is something which I came across that will just fit our life style. It just not enhances the security of your exterior doors, allows you to control locks remotely as well.

Yale Deadbolt stands out with its sleek design. The keyless lock is available in three varieties – polished bronze, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze, which will be perfect to match with your door style. Installing a deadbolt lock on your door is not overly futuristic rather it’s realistic, as it doesn’t intervene the modern technology. But it proves to be a home automation tool.

The touch screen is similar to that in smartphone screen, it’s responsive. Reviewers claim “touch screen is too sensitive”. And from now on, you can forget having multiple keys to your door. In fact rather than using a key to lock or unlock your door, you can have your own user code attached to the door.

Yale lock allows up to 100 user codes. But you don’t need to have them all. Do you?

But, it’s a great add on, if you have close family members or friends; you won’t mind him/her to stay at your home.

But not necessarily you have people so close, then you can have guest user code. You can delete it after their stay.

Another addition is the auto re-lock function by using a one touch button, which you can enable or disable. It’s a great addition in fact, especially when you have people who often forgets to lock the front door.

I am not done yet with the benefits!

Finally!!  Inbuilt alarm, which sounds if someone tampers the Yale lock in attempt to open the door.

Edge of Yale Keyless Deadbolt over other home security gadgets:

Home security gadgets
Image Credit:

When there are so many smart locks on the market, why Yale Deadbolt?

The best part of Yale Keyless Deadbolt is its compatibility with multiple home automation systems and that really sets it apart from the competition. Yale Deadbolt can seamlessly integrate with any product or home automation control system. The whole task is cut out, you can manage the home security quite easily.

Moreover the Yale deadbolt lock doesn’t use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth unlike other smart locks. You don’t need an internet connection even. This can be considered as a blessing or a curse. The downside is you cannot use smartphone to control your deadbolt because Yale don’t have an app to do that.

What you can do is, add the Yale deadbolt to your home automation network or get a compatible device that allows to control it. This is definitely a flipside of not using an internet connection, it’s a burden but once you set up everything, you can track everything using a centralized controller.

Yale deadbolt is priced more on the expensive side when you compare smart locks available on the market. If you want to go lower on budget, you can consider having a look at Sclage’s smart lock or the Touch Camelot Lock, which is far cheaper.

Yale Keyless Deadbolt is definitely a great security measure for your front door. In these days, every security system providers include smart locks into their home automation kit. These locks are synched to your home security system, which you can easily control using smartphone or laptop using the apps specifically made for it.




Catch if someone enter your premises!

Lock with remote control and alarm functionality looks all fine, but it doesn’t tell you if someone enters your premises. Investing on home surveillance camera would deter if someone actually approaches your front door.

Installing outdoor home security cameras offers lot of benefits. You can have wired or wireless outdoor cameras.

Check out this video to know, how home security cameras work?

My pick is wireless outdoor camera!

You know why?

They are getting popular on each passing day.

Really!! But that’s not a reason.

It’s simple, they are very easy to install unlike the wired ones. And also burglars don’t have the option to cut wires anymore. May be they can try their luck by targeting camera.

Frontpoint® wireless outdoor cameras is one of the popular home security gadgets. It is priced around 400$, you can have a 30 day risk free trial and it also covers three year warranty. But camera is designed to work with Frontpoint home security system. To get the benefits you will have to subscribe to Frontpoint’s ultimate monitoring plan which costs around 44.99$ per month.

Home Security Gadgets
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How it works?

The camera works along with the company’s mobile application. Users can access it via smartphone, tablet or phone to get access to the video footage. The highlight factor is, camera starts the recording process the moment any motion is detected. The system then alert the owner by sending a text message or email. Users can watch it from anywhere using any mobile device. This is not something which comes along with all security cameras. I hope you can figure out why it is so popular now.

You may find alternate choices to protect your front door from intruders. Make use of these home security gadgets to the most for ensuring your home safety. Don’t wait for more, you never know who’s watching you.

I would certainly like to hear from you, share your home security gadgets in the comments.

Super Familiar Ways of Deterring Burglars But…?

Majority of burglars enter through the front door, it’s a fact. But what we do about it. Getting good deadbolt locks on our doors? Do you think, it will resist if they decide to break in. I am not sure whether it will secure your home from burglars; but I totally agree that there is some sort of satisfaction and relief when we got that deadbolt locks on all our doors, strong latches on windows and also a terrifying barky dog.

So, here’s the question; Are we safe with deadbolt locks on doors, windows with strong latches and of course the dog? If you have “Yes” as an answer, extra credit goes to your dog, I would say. As you believe home is secured enough.

Here’s another fact; most burglars enter homes by walking through unlocked doors and windows or by kicking locked ones until it gets opened. So the point is – just by following the basic measures, you can improve home security.

Considering the financial, physical and psychological damage caused by such a crime, it adds to the sense of taking actions to ensure more security.

The basic practices of home safety are overruled by technology these days. For millions of people around the world, they would rather give high preference to an alarm system and security cameras in their home security strategy than any of the simplest measures. And we have to give it to technology, as there is much evidence that deploying such systems make a huge difference in deterring burglaries. Smarter homes – the perfect slogan to secure your home from burglars these days.

Do we need an alarm system in place?

There is no denying, alarm system is a powerful weapon against burglary. Not just that, it can help to prevent fire damage, some systems also alert power outages, water leaks and other issues.

An effective burglar alarm system depends on various factors like the design of alarm system, installation quality, how you have secured the perimeter of house, how often do you activate it.

But the first priority of owners should be about improving the physical barriers. Alarms and other security systems can act as add-on protection system against intrusion.

There is another aspect as well when you live with an alarm system, many homeowners don’t use it regularly for the same reason. You know why? False alarms, it’s not just inconvenient for people, it also drives fear along with that. As per various estimates, it is believed that about 80 to 90 percent of alarm alerts are false.

Anyhow these differences are not taking away the credits of alarm system. It’s still intact and highly preferred by people. A basic alarm protection system covers all exterior doors and windows that can be targeted by intruders. The system activates a siren or notifies the central monitoring station.

Earlier the whole idea of smarter home was kind of a luxury, now it is more like a necessity. Technology has brought down the cost involved in home security systems and surveillance cameras as well. Now there are many low-cost tech solutions that cost very little, you can install it to safeguard your home from intruders.

“Most burglars are just opportunist” says owner of; Martin Holloway, security expert in Louisiana. So having a rudimentary system that makes some noise can scare away a burglar from entering the house.

Basic measures that helps to secure your home from burglars:

Home security strategies are not always that costly, in fact some of the effective ones doesn’t cost you a penny or may be very little.

Insurance: You can consider having an additional replacement coverage to your personal property through insurance schemes. So, in case if burglars clean out everything, this coverage can save you big time. If you are using standard policies for expensive items in your home then you can better move on to additional policies to get everything covered.

Get ID’s to your items: Experts recommend to take part in Operation Identification, this engraves an ID number to your valuable items. It helps to identify your stuff.

Don’t make it easy to spot your valuable items: Keep in mind, you have to open your front door to strangers as well like pizza delivery guy, canvassers, salesman, etc. It’s important to place things of ostensible value out of sight of anyone who is at front door and the same way strangers from street who is looking through your front windows.

Build relationship with neighbors: It’s important to know your neighbors. If you are planning for a vacation, you can inform them, they can look out for suspicious activities. It’s one of the most effective ways to protect your home.

Keep appearances when everyone is out: Burglars strikes mostly when no one is home, always make sure your house appears occupied in front of strangers. You can leave lights or TV on. Or else get a fake TV to fool thieves. If you are going for a vacation, take help from neighbors to prevent mails or packages piling up on your lawn.

Always check on your landscaping: Intruders target bushes and trees to invade the unseen on your home. If you have doors and windows hidden by bushes, have a check on it.

Light up: Light connected to a motion detector can secure your home from burglars, as they flee when outdoor lights are activated.

Don’t misplace keys: Handing over keys to a stranger is the last thing you want to do, it may not cost you every time. But you don’t want to take a chance, do you?

Getting a dog: Burglars don’t like fury family members, they know a noisy person outside will harm their business.

secure your home burglars - warning message

Avoid vulnerabilities: Intruders target vulnerable spot on your home to break in, may be a poorly secured door or windows. Never leave a chance, prevent the possibility of penetration by securing all spots. Not always they target vulnerable spots, unlocked doors or windows many have the skill to open locked doors and windows silently. They just break a pane of glass to reach in and unlock door or windows.

Get rid of lousy locks: Knob locks is old practice and inadequate to have. Make sure doors are installed with deadbolt locks, especially your exterior doors.

Check the locks of sliding glass doors: Locks installed on sliding glass doors can become dangerous at times. Many doors can easily be lifted from the tracks. Don’t mind paying a good lock smith to ensure the doors are safe enough.

Install solid doors and windows: To improve security, it’s important to replace your weak doors and windows. Solid wood door is a better choice than hollow doors, installing a metal door is also fine. Securing windows depends on its type, to increase protection you can consider having unbreakable steel bars across windows.

Hiding valuables: Ensure expensive jewelry and other valuables are stacked in the most unlikely places – may be along with the books or paper files.

Little measures can help you to reduce the chance of burglary in your home. If you could incorporate technology to your #HomeSafety strategy it would be great too.

Make sure you have combined these little measures with technology to secure your home from burglars and stay safe!

Do you wish to add anything more into it? Share it in the comments.