Advance Guide of Buying Connected Products:Quest for Smart Home

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You hear a lot of about” Smart Homes” and “Connected products”. But what stops you actually owning a smart home?

A survey by icontrol networks reports 54% US people saying they plan to buy at least one smart home product next year.

With more and more technology evolving every year, we have recorded a rise in the excitement. The more people know about the technology the more interested and excited they become about incorporating it into their everyday connected lifestyle.

While a ‘Jetsons” lifestyle may not appeal to all, user experience and easy- to- use should be the driving factor for the technology adoption. This guide will teach you the factors to consider for buying a connected home product and one of the important characteristic that makes home smart.

But first of all

Why to Buy Smart Home Products?

You probably already realize that you`d sleep better at night if your parents and grandparents had the smart home technology. Smart home technology can help elder live happier, easier lives, and can be a great resource for family members to keep an eye on their aging parents.

Not only ELDER CARE smart homes have something more to offer.

  • Security- Considering the fact that in every 15 sec burglars invade one home, a security camera or alarm system becomes a must to have. Connected homes are less likely to burglarize due to the solid security system.
  • Energy efficient life- Accept the fact world is going crazy over the lack of energy resources. According to a research, the earth can last only till 2050 with complete energy reserve. So it is obvious that you should adopt energy efficient lifestyle. And smart homes are doing better on that area.
  • Entertainment- Come on, you can`t deny the human nature to entertained. With smart homes providing the ability to remotely control /or monitor their TV and sound system can give one of the top reasons to buy a smart home product.

No doubt Smart homes offers more benefits than flaws, still privacy and data theft remains prime concern while choosing a smart home product.

The consumer remains perplexed and unguided when it comes to actually buy a connected home product.

Here`s the list of factors you need to consider while buying connected products or reinventing your smart home.

1. Ask yourself: complete Smart home or just a bunch of connected products?

Choosing between these two options can make a difference. Often people complain about devices that don’t communicate with each other. If it requires multiple apps and complex dashboards then it will raise only your frustration. And this becomes blunt reality as more and more devices are added to your list.

So first decide your priorities. Whether you want to buy just one product or planning to buy more products in the future.

It is always better to buy a complete package or smart home hub because it eliminates the problem before it begins.

2. Clear your preferences

If you are going for smart home devices it is always better to frame your preferences in your head.

Take a piece of paper and write down-

  • What purpose you want this product to serve
  • What is your budget
  • Which device suits your need
  • From where you can buy

Answering this question might help to explore the options and coming up with the right     product you need. A right decision can save you from a lot of trouble.

3. Research a bit more

Once you have decided what kind of product you are going to buy, research a bit about the product, and consider alternatives also.

Simply a Google search about the product can save a lot of your time and money.

Just type the product name in the search engine box.

Suppose you want to buy security cameras. Head over to the browser, type “security camera”.

We will see sponsored images of Amazon and others. It’s a good way of getting idea about different kind of security cameras we have in the market. Like a found a whole different categories surveillance camera. Now it`s pretty easy for me to select.

smart home- buying connected products

4. Ask a real review from friends or relatives

I am sure that most people prefer big brands ratings and reviews while buying not only connected devices but also any other product.

But nothing can replace a live demonstration or a review from a friend. Your friend has installed that automatic door in his home. Good, drive this weekend to her and see it by yourself. Talk about pros and cons.

And there is always, certainly your friends have something to say. Who knows she might advise something really useful.

5. DIY vs professional services

Younger people prefer the DIY part of smart homes. And why not building a smart castle all by yourself sounds quite fancy.

But some products might require a more expert hand.

While installing smart light bulbs is super easy, on the other hand installing a smart thermostat require professional expertise in dealing with wiring and heating system.

You don`t want to mess with that, only to regret later.

Good part is there is whole industry exist to install and configure smart home devices. Or else the provider themselves can help.

Now that you know what should be your approach when you start hunting for smart home products, I can better explain what components are making home smart and connected today.

A perfect smart home is when the devices automate their own.  I am sure you expect the same,

Smart home devices should be able to complete a task on their own. They should learn based on the analytics and sensors to take action and automate the process.

However present technology has not gone that far yet (but somewhat it is possible). At least, you can expect devices working on voice-controlled commands and the ability to obey instructions via text messages.

Currently, home automation is all about Architectural Lighting Control System, Security System, Heating and Cooling System, Audio and Video System.

Among less known trends that are worth mentioning- motorized gates, electronic door locks, garage doors, swimming pool, and spa system, motorized equipment (for drapes, TVs, home theater screens, and video projectors), irrigation system, and decorative fountains.

It will be interesting to see how smart home technology is going to evolve in future. Whatever we got today is only a glimpse of endless possibilities.

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