6 Safe and Smart Social Networking Websites for Kids

Social Networking Websites for Kids

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) is still live. It’s only one thing to say- Websites are not allowed to collect information from children under age 13. Yes, websites can impose age-based restrictions. But, what if kids can simply violate these controls?

It is estimated that more than 20,000 kids under 13 are trying to sign up Facebook every day. Evidently, children want to use social networks like Facebook that, give them access to cool games and funny videos. At the same time, parents have to be aware of the content in mainstream social sites- including adult content, identity theft and chance to get bullied.

You don’t have to think this as a problem at all. Otherwise, what’s the relevance of any of the kid-safe social networking websites? Yes, there’re many of such websites.

Here I’m presenting some social networking websites for kids that you can recommend to your kids without any hesitation.

Grom Social

Social Networking Websites for Kids


Zach Marks, an 11-year-old boy started this website in 2013. No Kid can’t join Grom Social without his/her parent’s concern (hats off to its mail verification).  Also, parents will get regular updates on their kids’ online activities. Any kid/teen under 15 can join Gram Social Community.


Social Networking Websites for Kids

It’s not just a social network; there are video game reviews, movie reviews, celebrity news and much more – only the content appropriate to children. Kidzworld can be recommended for kids between 9 to 14.


Social Networking Websites for Kids


Like Grom Social, parents have to involve in a verification process in Yoursphere for their kids’ account activation. Kids can create “spheres” and personal spaces based on their interest. Anyone under 18 can join this.


Social Networking Websites for Kids


As the name indicates, Fanlala offers an ideal entertainment platform for kids. There are separate sections for videos, music, interactive quizzes, tv shows, and movies. Credit card authorized parent account  is mandatory in Fanlala for kids under 13.

Franktown Rocks

Social Networking Websites for Kids


While considered as a fun multiplayer game, Franktown Rocks offers more- music, social networking, etc. Ideal for kids and tweens between 8-12.

Sweety High

Social Networking Websites for Kids

Designed for teen/tween girls. This fun social network has strong privacy measures also.

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