Kids Internet Safety – 5 Goofs That You Should Avoid to Guarantee This

Kids Online Safety Tips

Thank you guys – For giving the right kind of feedback for my last article. Sorry, I couldn’t go through each of those comments. Still, I know what most of you want me to write again – “kids internet safety tips”. Isn’t it?

Forgive me, if I am taking a wild guess. I promise, there is nothing complex in here. I just want to remind the basic tips and guidelines, which often people forgets. No matter, the volume of the topic I have to cover, I am ready to jump into it.

But, I don’t want to give you some lousy tips. Instead, just telling you not to make these goofs – as some of you already did.

Want to know “these”?

Here they are…

Goof 1#: Not Talking with your Kids on Internet Safety

 Talk with your Kids – anytime you are comfortable.

As a dependable friend, make them aware of the pitfalls of cyber world.

Keep an atmosphere for your children to approach you anytime, when they are in trouble.

Guidance should start from toddler stage, if they have access to mobile phone/ computer.

Don’t wait them to approach you, start conversation yourself at the right time.

Goof 2#:Not keeping your Child’s Computer on Public Area

 Is this a laborious task?

How many of you try this before?

Definitely, your child will listen you, if you talk wisely.

You only have to be patient throughout the course.

It will work.

Goof 3#: Not Knowing your Child’s Online Friends Circle

Off course, privacy is a matter of taste and right. Any counter? But, just explain, how precisely a 13-year old teen can determine the right connections in his/her online accounts?

Kids Internet Safety


Remembering Ryan Halligan (1983-2003) may change your mind.

I am sure, at least somebody of you might have heard his story.

Rest of you can google the name.

Anyway, I understand – There’s no point in blaming only you. Internet is an “open” world. Anyone can touch with any number people so easily. Your child needs to acquire skills to decide “so-called” right connections. Only, you can guide them for that.

One more- never pull the plug. Children deserve to know things in the proper way. Don’t ever let their curiosity leave them.

Giving this matter to you. Figure it out and make a point.

Goof 4#: Not Interacting with your Children Online

What about participating in a poll right now?

Just a question.

How many of you used to chat with your children online?

Taking too much time to replay?

Leave the numbers. Just want to know is there anything that forbid you for such a thing.

Nothing? Then be your child’s best online friend.

Goof 5#: Not Reserving a Specific Time for Your Child – to Stay Online

See, monitoring is not a case of proscription. The adverse effects of internet addiction is not so simple as many of you believe. When it comes to your children, it’s a whole different story. I don’t want to discuss those things again. Better aware of it.

It is the right time to think – a self-evaluation will not reach in vain. Once you analyze it, you’ll know the key points to take care first.

Get aware of the devices your child use – From webcams to internet enabled game consoles.

Allocate a specific time to your child – for not just chatting or browsing, whatever he/she likes to do online. Not forcefully, with steadily. Only your lovable words can make change.

Internet is not your rival, if you know how to handle it.  Realize this first – Children can learn many things much faster than adults. I think, it is quite a reasonable fact that is certainly true for cyber world. But, if they cannot realize it’s possible dangers, you are the person to get it fixed.

Right? I’d like to hear the word “Yup” from you.

A Tribute

Ryan Halligan was an American student, who committed suicide at the age of 13. According to all the credible sources, he was a victim of cyber bullying that in turn lead to his death.

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